How to make an eco air conditioner with plastic bottles?

by:HongXing     2020-04-26
Gray group is the advertising company behind this incredible project: Make an eco-air conditioner with only plastic bottles, called Eco-air conditionerCooler.
Australia summer is one of the hottest summers of the year, and it is a sure idea.
Jayyanuk Huq is the artistic director of the gray Group.
He explained to Les Observateurs that there are frequent floods in Bangladesh.
As a result, most people build sheet metal houses. not with mud -
In the countryside.
About 70% of Bengali people live in this type of house.
The problem is that summer is really hot, especially in the north and middle of the country.
Like in the sauna in Sahara! ».
One of the managers, Paul, began to think about how to help these people.
One day he heard his daughter\'s physics teacher explain to him that the air was cooling as it moved fast.
Because he has always been passionate about science, he began to do some experiments.
That\'s how he came up with the idea of making air conditioners with plastic bottles, and that\'s the ecology
The cooler was born. 2.
You then have to insert the board into the frame of the window: the neck of the bottle must be on the side inside the house. 3.
When the air enters the bottle
Wide place-
Come out of the neck, change pressure, cool air. The Eco-
No electricity is required for cooler operation.
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