How to Make a Barbie House Out of Carboard

by:HongXing     2020-06-27
Cartons are good material for making funny and cheap Barbie dolls, as you can easily cut and decorate them anyway.Most Barbie dolls are 11 inch high and Ken dolls are 12 inch high, so you need to have at least 13 inch high cartons for the doll to stand upright in the house.This toy house uses four cartons to build four rooms, but you can change the number of boxes depending on the size of the house you want and your existing cardboard.
Choose to have at least 13 inch high cartons when you stand on one side and face you on the open side.Select all boxes of the same size or close to the same size and shape if possible.Cut off the extra flaps of any box cover or cardboard and put them on one side.
Carefully remove and discard any staple food from the box to prevent injuries to children.Place two boxes side by side so that the opening faces the same direction and the edges of the opening align.If your boxes are all in different sizes, use the biggest and deepest boxes in this step.
Stack the other two boxes on the top of the first two boxes and align the edges of the opening with the bottom two boxes.Stick all the boxes together, or stick them together with packing tape.Use the remaining cardboard on the lid to add a roof to the Barbie Doll House (optional ).
Cut two triangles of the same size and shape, and the bottom edge is the same size as the edge at the top of the house.Connect the triangle to the side of the top box using packaging tape.Cut the remaining cardboard (optional) for the front of the roof, so that they are the same height as the inclined edge of the triangle, the same width as the top of the toy house.
To make the cardboard wide enough, you may need to stick a few pieces of tape together.Use packing tape to connect the front of the roof to the inclined edge of the triangle.Cover the outer box, the color of the paper you want the wall of the doll house.
Cover the roof with a contrast color (optional ).Stick the paper to the box or double itsided tape.Cut windows and doors in the box as needed.
Be sure to get the Barbie to the toy house to make sure the windows and doors are the right size and height.Add blinds, window frames, or other decorations to the outside of the house using markers (optional.Use your own wallpaper inside the cartonGlue contact paper, or stick colored paper on the wall with glue or double materialsided tape.
If you want to decorate this piece of paper, do so first before sticking it on the wall.The carpet is cut with felt or fabric scrap into the size of each floor area of dolohouse, or even contact paper using colored paper that looks like wood.Stick them on the floor of the toy house
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