how to hand clean a spray gun using only 2oz. thinner ...

by:HongXing     2020-06-12
In this video tutorial, I will demonstrate how to manually clean the spray gun with a few simple steps.
Step 1: first make sure you have the right PPE before cleaning the spray gun.
To protect your skin, eyes, and lungs, you need gloves, safety glasses, and breathing apparatus.
Step 2: The paint agent is added to the paint bottle.
This will be used to clean guns.
Step 3: pour any remaining products into an approved container for waste disposal.
Step 4: In the absence of air connected to the spray gun, clean the spray gun inside and spray it inside the gun or cup using a spray bottle.
Squeeze the trigger all the way to get the thinner people through the gun.
If you use the cup on the gun, drop the thinner thing s in the cup before squeezing the trigger.
Thinner materials should be collected in plastic cups.
Run thinner through the gun until the flow is clear.
This can take several times before the flow is clear.
Step 5: clean the outside of the gun using a spray bottle and spray the outside of the gun clean.
Step 6: remove the cap, clean and remove the cap, and spray the inside of the cap and fluid nozzle.
Brush the air cap and nozzle with a clean brush to ensure all paint deposits are removed from these parts.
Re-clean the residue with thinner parts.
Step 7: blow dry with compressed air and dry internal parts, Air caps and nozzles.
Step 8: wipe clean and store with a cloth, wipe the hood and nozzle. Then re-
Connect parts.
Clean the gun inside and outside.
You can save the gun for the next time.
The key to the simple cleaning process of the immediate cleaning gun is to clean the gun immediately before the product starts to harden.
You\'re fine as soon as you\'re done.
This will make it clean
It\'s easy to get up and provides a clean gun every time you use it.
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