how to fix your brother sewing machine

by:HongXing     2020-06-12
Sewing machine is an excellent tool to simplify the sewing process.
Over the years, they have greatly improved the speed and efficiency of sewing and become
Ideal replacement for needle and thread.
However, the sewing machine has a complex mechanism and it is difficult to troubleshoot.
To identify problems with sewing machines, several different parts of the machine must be observed.
Verify the thread.
This is one of the most common sewing machine problems and should be the first thing you check, because the smallest deviation from the threading guide will greatly affect your sewing results.
Check the needle.
To make sure it is straight, lay it flat on the table and verify that it is parallel to the surface.
If it is blunt or curved, replace the needle according to the specifications of your machine (
For example, some models need you to screw the plug to loosen the needle).
Make sure there is no knotted line under the needle board.
If so, carefully pull out the line a little bit.
If there are too many knots below that need to be removed, do not forcibly remove them.
You need to unscrew the plate to remove it.
Remove internal dust.
You may need to remove the needle board to remove the dust around the outside of the spool box.
To remove dust, use a swifer or a small sewing machine cleaning brush, which should come with your machine.
Check if the spool is winding correctly.
As a precaution, you may want to remove all the lines from the spool and wrap it around again.
Verify that your tension settings match the specifications of a specific fabric.
For example, if you continue to have problems with your machine, you should have a lower tension to make thinner products.
If all other solutions do not fix your machine, please call the manufacturer.
Most sewing machines have a good warranty, which should give you the right to repair and/or replace them for free.
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