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by:HongXing     2020-05-06
Plastic bottles for packaging soda, water and juice are multi-functional items that can be used for many home and craft items once empty.Bottles can be made into flower pots, bird feeders, flower pot holders, funnels, and many types of children\'s items.One thing that is needed for almost all plastic bottle craft projects is to cut the bottle.
This looks tricky because the bottle is a cylinder.However, when done skillfully, it takes only a few minutes to complete.Put the plastic bottle at the bottom of the bottle and decide where you want it to be.
If you are creating an item that requires a specific depth, such as a flower planter, place a ruler or tape measure at the bottom of the bottle and measure the appropriate distance.Draw a line around the plastic bottle with a felt tip or marker.The easiest way to draw a line is to keep the marker pen or pen still and rotate the bottle until you return to the starting point of the line.
Grab the bottle with one hand, keep it still, and insert a knife in the marked line until it pierces the plastic bottle.Place the utility knife on one side and insert the tip of a sharp scissors into the hole.Cut all the way along the marked line until the plastic bottle is divided into two pieces.

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