How to Cover a Box With Contact Paper

by:HongXing     2020-06-27
Create a decorative storage solution by decorating cheap boxes with contact paper that coordinates the decoration of the surrounding rooms.For sale in Home Improvement Warehouse, dollar store and grocery store, self serveThe adhesive contact paper has various shades, patterns and patterns.Use these materials to cover containers from shoe boxes to cardboard racks to large shipping boxes that can hold trinkets, craft supplies or gifts for family members, teachers and friends.
Measure the top and sides of the lid of the box with a ruler and write the measurements on the waste paper with a pen or pencil.Repeat the process with the bottom and side of the box.Add 2 inch to the length and width of the top and bottom of the box and write new measurements.
If there are 5-on top of the box-by-8 inch, for example, write down 7-by-10 inches.Increase the height of the lid and both sides of the box by 1 inch.For example, if the side of the box measures 8 inch, 4 inch high, the new measurement will be 8-by-5 inches.
Mark the extended measurement on the back panel of the selfAdhesive contact paper.Cut pieces of contact paper with scissors or craft knives.By removing the back plate from the contact paper and placing the contact paper down on the table, covering the top of the cover.
Place the lid face down on the contact paper and press the lid on the adhesive.Flip the lid and smooth the paper with the palm of your hand.Press the excess paper down to the side of the lid with your fingertips-Use scissors to cut the paper skin that sticks out in each corner, or simply fold the paper skin to the left or right.
Repeat the process to cover the bottom of the box.By removing the back plate from the contact paper, attach the paper to one side of the lid.Align the paper with the top edge of the lid and press the paper down.
\"Fold\" the excess paper onto the lid and press it.Repeat the process with the rest of the lid.Remove the contact paper from the contact paper and attach the contact paper to one side of the dotted box.
Align the paper with the bottom edge of the box and smooth the paper with the palm to attach.Fold the excess paper into the box and stick it to the side.Repeat the process with the remaining sides of the box.
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