How to cool your apartment for free: DIY aircon uses old plastic bottles - and is already used in used in 25,000 Indian homes

by:HongXing     2020-05-25
Knock on the door in summer and complain that the weather is too hot (
And electricity)
Will follow up soon.
But some parts of the world, particularly Bangladesh, have experienced hot temperatures and have little chance to escape because many people have no way to power the air conditioner.
In order to break this pressure, a new social undertaking has created an ecological environment. Cooler -
A diy cooling system consisting of old plastic bottles and cardboard suitable for any window.
VIDEO Scroll down this DIY device is mounted on the board, bottleneck-
Size holes cut in mesh pattern--
Electricity is not needed.
Social commerce information technology Grameen Intel developed the project in partnership with the advertising company Grey Dhaka.
As of February, the two had brought cooling systems to more than 25,000 households in Bangladesh.
About 70% of the population lives in tin sheds, where electricity is not an option and temperatures can reach 113 degrees Fahrenheit (
45 degrees Celsius)in the summer. The Eco-
It is said that the cooler will reduce the temperature by at least 9 degrees (
5 degrees Celsius)
Observers report that this may have an impact on the small hut in a short period of time.
To make a homemade cooling system, grab a piece of heavy-duty cardboard and trim it to fit the windows of your choice.
Next, cut the bottleneck hole large enough on the mesh pattern, but please make sure that the cut is separated according to the size of the bottle.
Eco-point out that finding used bottles as much as possible, the larger the size difference between the body and the edges, the betterCooler.
Slice along the body of the bottle, before putting the cap back on the bottle, cut off the top of the cap-this helps to fix the bottle on the board.
Push the cut bottle from the outside of the plate, screw the cover from the inside and tighten it to keep the bottle in place.
Finally, the ecology
The cooler in the window, the wide part of the bottle facing the outside.
Hot air pours into each bottle and is then pushed to the edge where the bottle starts to swell-this expansion is the reason for cooling the air before it enters the room.
Although some ideas may not be sold, ecology
Cooler shared an explanation for changing your mind.
It\'s like opening your mouth and blowing it on your hands-the air is hot.
Now, when you blow your lips with pur, the air is cool-eco --
The cooler does the same thing. Eco-
Cooler made a DIY video explaining how to make your own cooling system and blueprints at home.
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