how to clean antique singer sewing machines

by:HongXing     2020-06-25
Buying an old Singer sewing machine at a garage auction is a great choice. Your great-
The singer of the grandmother sitting in your attic can use it.
Antique Sewing machines can be restored once cleaned correctly.
There is no need to bring your great garage sales discovery or your family antiques to a professional repairer, and you can do it yourself with a little bit of time, elbow grease and the right tools.
Remove the dust from the sewing machine with a soft rag and warm water to remove the dirt and dust.
Do not do any hard scrubbing of stains or deposits, which will appear later.
Remove the throat plate using a screwdriver.
Dust and thread collected in feed dogs, these can be removed with toothpicks, tweezers and canned air.
Use less canned air because it can bring some dirt further into the machine.
Remove all access boards, motors, lights and steering wheels.
View all moving parts to determine the corrosion or stacking position of dirt and dirt.
Use a liquid wrench and brush to remove old grease and grease from all parts.
The Liquid Wrench is widely applied to all moving parts.
Try to move these parts a little bit and put grease into every small hole of the machine.
The more it moves, the easier it will lubricate and move.
Once the machine starts to move easily, gently lubricate the whole machine with the putty oil.
Reassemble the machine and use it.
The more it uses, the better it runs.
Use a soft rag with warm water and mild detergent to remove excess oil from the machine.
Use gentle detergents and brushes on decals to restore the outside of the machine.
If there is a lot of dirt on the decal, try to loosen it with a liquid wrench.
Test the Liquid Wrench in an inconspicuous place to make sure it doesn\'t change the color of the decal.
If the liquid wrench does change the color, the other cleaning solutions that may be effective are 409, simple green or Windex.
Rub the Turtle Wax gently outside the machine to make it shine like a new one.
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