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by:HongXing     2020-06-24
Eating prepared meals at home is one of the most reasonable and healthy trends of our time.
Today\'s article will cover the topic of bringing your favorite food to the office or elsewhere.
There are a large number of disposable and reusable containers on the market.
The first is used in restaurants that offer takeout services.
You can\'t actually use this type of container again.
Reusable can be used over and over again. if handled properly, you can serve you for a long time.
Let\'s talk about these issues in more detail.
Before dinner
When purchasing one, please be sure to confirm that the item is a certificate of BPA
Although it is as easy to find a metal or wooden lunch box as a pie, it is free.
Some are even made of glass, but they are not popular among users due to weight.
According to this article from DiligentChef.
Com, the form and function of the pre-meal preparation bag and lunch box are really different, so let\'s take a closer look.
You can use a plastic container as a lunch box for storing food in the refrigerator.
Keep in mind, however, that pouring soup or other liquids inside is not a good idea, because they can easily leak if you put them in the bag.
However, it is quite common practice to put nuts or fruits in this project.
This container is cheaper and is usually sold in complete sets.
The single-room lunch box is a solid container with a pressure fit lid that guarantees that your food will never come out of it.
Whenever you want to know if you can save the liquid in it, just try how well the lid is sealed.
If you are not sure, it is better to use it only in the second course.
Usually, the capacity of the lunch box makes it possible to carry ordinary side dishes and meat dishes, and it is perfect for placing in the pre-meal preparation bag.
The soup lunch box is usually cylindrical.
The manufacturer guarantees that the lid is well sealed enough to prevent liquid leakage.
Some of them can even have handy drinking handles.
There are several parts of the multi-compartment lunch box that can store different kinds of food and prevent food from getting messy.
Manufacturers typically produce two or three containers that can be stacked together and secured with the help of clips or elastic bands.
These are more expensive, but you can easily use them to carry the first and second dishes and snacks.
In addition to several compartments, the multi-function lunch box is equipped with drinks and tableware.
This is why they are large in size and are not usually suitable for the bag of the lady.
The manufacturer also produces soft, hard pre-meal preparation bags for this purpose, or lunch boxes are usually equipped with handles.
A hot lunch box is a traditional shape container with one or several compartments used as a hot lunch box.
Thanks to this feature, your food stays warm for 12 hours.
The lunch box with a heating system has a heating element that, whenever plugged into a socket, is able to maintain the high temperature inside the item.
This is the most convenient one. to-
The date container for the delivery of the food, but the price is quite high.
Some convenient tips take into account the size and weight of the container and whether it is comfortable and convenient to carry.
Make sure your container is a washing machine and a microwave.
Some items may not be suitable for them.
Check the way the lid is sealed on the container.
This is important so that the liquid does not leak into your bag.
Before purchasing the container, pour some liquid into the container to ensure it is leak-proof.
If the lunch box is equipped with insulation, check if this lunch box is working properly if possible.
Important: even if the lid is well sealed, be careful when carrying the lunch box.
Don\'t put it on the side or upside down, try to avoid it or hit it.
Use the container only for the purpose to be applied, and if the manufacturer does not allow all of this, do not put it in a microwave or dishwasher, and do not use a cleaner.
How to care for lunch box is very easy to use, the main point here is to empty and clean properly after each use.
If it is made of cheap plastic, it can absorb the smell.
Once the lunch box smells, clean and refresh it with water and soda.
It is not good to use dishwashing detergent because it is difficult to wash off.
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