How To Build A Bin Cage For Rodents

by:HongXing     2020-06-15
What is the garbage bin cage?Bin cage is a kind of homemade cage, which is mainly used in rodents such as Hamster, sand mouse and mouse.It also works for one or two pet rats (if very large), but only if it is very large.It is made of a transparent plastic storage box and requires a different size.
Hamster: at least 75100 liter storage box (16-30 gallons) 20 gallons is the usual size for a pet hamster, and if you have two then of course you need a bigger cage.Mouse: A mouse can live happily in a storage box of 35 liters (7 gallons), as this is the size of a basic standard mouse cage, only a little deeper.This can also be comfortably fitted with wheels, houses, etc and has room to run around.
It takes about 50 liters for more than one mouse, and obviously the two male mice need about 80 liters because the male mice will fight and need a little space to stay away from each other.Just 35 liters for a mouse.Geramuses: it takes at least 60 liters for a geramuses, about 13 gallons, and more than 100 liters for a pair of geramuses, because geramuses are quite large and require considerable space.Mouse: 200 for single/pair rats-400 liters, make sure it\'s at a minimum of 70 gallons, the rats are large and need space.
WARNING: Never try to use one of these on guinea pig rabbits.They are not rodents, they are too big to live in one of the cages, and it can be very dangerous to put rabbits or piglets in the cages.The type of box you need to create the bin cage is a transparent plastic storage box.
Don\'t use colored or black ones because they get very hot. Transparent is easier to keep cool.If you have animals that are good at escaping, you need a box with a cover, you need a clip, but the transparent plastic box of your choice can be made, ranging from 4.50 -?Depending on where you buy, the size and how much you want to pay.
The right size will take about $15 for a mouse or short hamster, make sure you read my guide size so you can get a basic idea of what you need.You can search Google for conversions from gallons to liters, which may help you.Of course, your pet can\'t live in a plastic box, let\'s not be silly here, you need to vent them so they can breathe.
Bin cages are very similar to aquarium or rodent pet cans, which can be purchased at a pet shop for an amazing price.30 for a plastic bathtub?I don\'t think so (about $50, by the way), they are very similar to tanks, and of course only you have more options on how to build them, their size, their add-ons, and what animals you can save in them.They do need to be able to hold the water bottle and possibly hang the toy as well, but I will explain that in the next section.
They need to be cleaned regularly as dirty smoke can be a problem for your pet and you have to get the animals out for a while every day to get some fresh air as they are not well ventilated, such as wire cage.Let\'s start building!!Tools you need: storage box, mesh (if you choose to use it), electric drill, drill bit, plastic bag for college garbage.If you are very useless in convenient work, then you do not have to use the network cable.
Just pick up your drill bit and drill the hole carefully to cover almost the entire plastic cover (don\'t go through it, let it open, short the air hole) and drill holes on its side.Take the water bottle and measure the size of the wire that connects it to the bar cage and drill two holes to hook it up.Drill the third hole, put the nozzle into the cage and connect it.
To use a hanging toy, I recommend using a bailing line or rope to cycle (including a hammock) at the top through the holes on the side or on the top, fasten as you like, so they can have some lofts in their new home.If you want to make a mesh, then whatever you call it, take a utility/Stanley knife and measure the size of the hole you want to cut.It can be any shape, but it is better to use a square or a rectangle.
Pass through the plastic slice, remove the block from the cover (or side or both), place the mesh in the gap and connect it with a bolt.It\'s a bit difficult to do this, and it\'s a bit dangerous if you cut yourself.The same technique applies to hanging toys unless you hang them online.
Be careful not to buy mesh with large spacing.Warning: I will not take responsibility if you do not make it correctly and your animal is sick or suffocated.This is my guideline and how I make the bin, be careful to empty any debris from inside the box and make sure there are enough air holes in it so your pet has enough air.
The more animals, the more holes you need (don\'t make them too big because chewing and escaping can happen) remember to take your pet out twice a day, to get extra air and clean these up like a tank.Good luck and make your new furry friend a home I hope this helps.Don\'t be afraid to leave me a comment if you need more information, but these are very simple and quick.

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