homelife: adam\'s on a roll with his new loo.

by:HongXing     2020-06-12
Adam Gill was really stunned by his damn bathroom.
Sean, his roommate, thinks he should cut his rent because the room looks disgusting.
\"The bathroom was very uncomfortable when I bought the apartment, and five years later it was still a total tip,\" Adam admitted . \".
\"The felt on the floor was torn, the plaster walls were painted, and the whole place looked so monotonous and dirty that Sean and I were ashamed to invite anyone around us, especially my girlfriend.
\"Adam did buy a new electric shower, but he never thought about installing it.
So designer Anna Matthews stuffed her £ 250 renovation money into a toilet bag and she set out to see what she could do to make this Glasgow toilet look cute.
Before she started, Anna had Adam and Sean busy taking a shower in the room.
Anna said, \"it looks dirty.
I don\'t think they realize you should scrub the tub after use.
\"But the bathroom won\'t shine even when it\'s clean.
The floor and ceiling are tilted in the opposite direction, and none of the walls are straight, and for some strange reason there are five waves in the middle of a wall.
\"Anna\'s first job was to cut off the chips and repair all the shelves and holes on the gypsum board with Polyfilla, and after drying it gets smooth.
Then Anna bought a bunch of new white tiles.
Get cheap fromB & Q for just £ 5.
A pack of 72-85
She put it in the bathtub.
Anna said: \"As long as you keep you awake with a mental level at the beginning, tiles are not difficult. Use astraight-
Trim wood strips used to support the weight of the tile.
\"Apply the tile adhesive with the notch applicator, cover no more than one square meter at a time, and\" twist \"the tile to ensure the glue is evenly applied.
Regularly check whether rows of tiles are flat, vertical, and remove the adhesive extruded between tiles to leave room for grouting.
If you need to cut the tile, score first, place it on the matchstick and gently press both sides, it should break cleanly along the scoreboard.
For complex shapes, make a template with cardboard, transfer the design to the tile with chalk or marker pen, and then cut with a tile saw.
Cure the tile adhesive for at least 24 hours (
Check the manufacturer\'s instructions)
, Then apply the mud with a clean cloth and sponge from excessand buff.
To end, Anna ran a line of silicone between the bottom row of tiles and the bathtub, and then Adams\'s dad was called in to install an electric shower above the new waterproof wall.
The pipeline work is in progress and Anna continues to draw her paintings.
First, the door and skirting were given a white coat, and the bathtub panel was made of blue vinyl silk and taken off with a cowboy effect.
To replicate this paint effect, mix the three-part transparent scumble glaze with one part of the titanium white acrylic resin, add a few drops of gray green acrylic paint and apply the glaze on the vertical line
Leaving for about 20 minutes, gently drag the brush hair of the brush onto the tacky glaze, this time working in a horizontal pen painting.
Wait until the glaze is almost dry, then drag the clean and dry brush vertically along the surface and press hard.
The dark blue color scheme continues on the wall.
Anna drew the third height of the room, and after masked at the bottom, she drew the picture in a color called the Martian sky with two layers of vinyl silk.
For 2 out of the first 3, she added more texture with cream beige sand paint.
You can apply this with a roller, but for the added texture, Anna useda\'s big brush is randomly applied to it, and again two coats are needed to get the right color depth, and smooth all the lumps in the plaster.
Anna thinks rows of white tiles look clinical, so she cuts out four patterns from a transparent template sheet called mylar in the Feng Shui theme.
Special ceramic paint is used when printing on the tile, which is suitable for any shiny surface, because the tile is very smooth, you need to put it firmly against the wall with more spray glue on the back of the template to get the right color to mix with the wall, Anna mix fevresblue and metallic gray ceramic paint on
Dry the ceramic paint for at least 24 hours and then replace the template and point painting on the transparent ceramic varnish.
Anna wants to turn a melamine bookcase into a stylish storage room.
It was then painted with a soft layer of clay sand.
Then, use the stain glaze left on the Bath board and use the burnt amber acrylic paint (
Four glazes for one acrylic paint)
Brush this and work in the direction realwood will run.
To forge a darker knot on the wood, burnt brown drops were randomly scraped off on the device and roughly brushed in.
After 25 minutes, when the glaze is almost dry, Anna drags in the glaze with a dry brush to emphasize the texture effect, and then protects her paint effect with acrylic varnish.
Anna found herself.
Adhesive vinyl tiles are easy to use.
When working towards the door, first draw horizontal and vertical lines at right angles to each other, and then lay the first four tiles to check if they are perpendicular to the wall.
Press down firmly and put them together as much as possible.
Cut any edge tile cleanly with Stanley knife
For tricky areas like toilets, make a cardboard template first and then cut around it.
Anna splashed water on a new shower curtain and some accessories, and then it was time to get to know what Adam thought.
\"I can\'t believe it.
\"Anna turned a pit into a pit,\" he told us . \".
\"The color scheme is really cool and the tiles and denim bathroom panels are great.
Wall and floor tiles, grout, gloss and vinyl paint for all fromB & Q.
Contact number: 0800 444 840;
Textured sand paint, mai la templated paper, glaze, varnish and ceramic paint from Glasgow BuchananGalleries template store. Tel: 0141-354-
Drawing by 0410 acrylic artists from the Miller art store in Glasgow.
Contact number: 0141553 1660;
Mirror and wicker basket from Au Naturale. Tel:0141-357-6731;
Photo frames and candles in the house.
Contact number: 0800028 2152
Shower curtain next door.
Contact number: 0845 600 7000;
Bathroom in habitat.
Contact number: 0845 6010740
Is there a room in your house that drives you crazy, but do you need some inspiration and a little financial assistance?
We will provide £ 250 for our expert design team to transform and donate.
Just write to: homfe fe, Glasgow G3 8DA Centre Quay, including contact number if possible.
Value Pack for white tiles £ 4 £ 5.
72 watts per pack 85: pound 23.
40 4 barrels of B & Q tile adhesive/Grout @ pound 3.
94 per barrel.
76 texture sand paint: 14 lbs.
99 Dolos vinyl Silk emulsion: 14 lbs.
79 transparent glaze: pound 9.
99 clear acrylic varnish: pound 7.
99 degrees Dolos one coating at a time: 11 lbs.
94 Acrylic artist paint: Pounds 7.
Mylar template paper and ceramic paint for tile Template: pounds9. 49.
Shower curtain and Rod: 21 lbs.
8 packs of 92 vinyl floor tiles: 47 lbs.
84 Bathmat: 8 lbs.
Mirror 50: 14 lbs.
99 accessories including wicker baskets, soap dishes and metal photo frames: £ 24.
96 melamine bookcase/shelf unit: the total cost of pound 15 is 248.
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