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On July 26, 1979, this was a digital version of an article in The Times Print File, before it began to be published online in 1996.
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If one thing seems to be not done in time for every family and apartment, then it is easy to get storage space.
Usually, the wardrobe is not big enough to accommodate all the shoes, sweaters and other clothing.
One reason for this is that the typical wardrobe wastes space above the level of the door frame.
In most closets, there is a shelf on the top, just above the closet bar, which usually becomes a hot spot for garbage.
This is because the shelf is too high to reach.
Even if you stand on a ladder or stool, you often don\'t see what\'s stored there.
Because space must be left in front of the shelf to allow access to the top --
Especially items stored near the back.
This rack must be much narrower than the maximum depth allowed by the closet.
One of the best ways to make the most of the interior space is to build a closet with a full-height door from floor to ceiling.
This will provide convenience for entering all the spaces at the top of the closet, and if the door is a double fold type that opens to reveal the full width of the closet, you also make sure to use the width of the closet to the maximum extent, there is no \"blind angle\" on each side \".
But it\'s a job of remaking, a lot of peopleit-
Your player may hesitate to resolve it.
Doors and door frames must be removed and walls must be cut to accommodate full height and full width doors.
This is a fairly expensive remodel that includes the purchase and suspension of super gates and special hardware.
The attached drawings show that a homeowner solved the problem
By installing an extra pair of small doors, the Lem enters the top of the closet directly from the outside and is cheap.
This not only allows you to reach the shelf above the wall pole or everything on the shelf without opening the main wall closet door;
It also allows you to replace the existing narrow rack with a shelf with closet depth from the front to the back.
This will increase the size of this shelf by about 25%.
Items such as sweaters, shoes, blankets can be stored in a plastic box or in a portable drawer (
For sale in hardware and household goods stores)
Then piled up on the ceiling without any difficulty.
If you use a transparent plastic storage box, you can see what is inside once the door is opened, and you can easily remove the required container without interfering with everything else.
The entrance door that opens the space at the top of the closet is cut out with half an inch of plywood.
Most of the decorations around the original closet door and frame can be kept as is, although if the top decoration on the door is also used as the bottom decoration of the new opening, a new decoration across the top may be required.
Otherwise, the original decoration can be retained and a separate decoration can be installed around the new opening.
Before starting work, clean up everything in the closet to prevent the item from being covered with dust and plaster debris.
To pass the opening through the wall above the existing door, use the hand-key hole saw or the electric knife saw.
Most wardrobes have a vertical 2-by-
As shown in the figure, there are 4 bolts next to the frame, which leads directly to the ceiling.
Therefore, please remove all materials between these studs when cutting gypsum or gypsum board.
Usually, the best way to find the bolts is to drill holes first, however, in some cases it may be easier to cut off some plaster or gypsum board on each side to expose the studs.
This will let you know how wide the opening is.
First cut _ along the top of the door frame, then cut up along each side (
Along the side of each stud)
Until you came 2-by-
4 roof plates or titles that go through the top of the wall under the ceiling.
Complete the opening by passing through the lower side of this 2-level partby-
4 then clean trim the excess plaster or wall panels on all four sides of the opening.
Now, remove the existing closet rack and replace it with a new rack, which is full depth of the closet before and after.
The old shelf may be placed on the splint at each end;
New racks can usually be mounted on the same splints.
The ads though these original tips may be sufficient, you can get an extra 1-by nailing-
As shown in the figure, there are 1 inch splints along the front edge of the shelf.
Nail this cleat along the bottom edge of a halfinch plywood, across the width of the closet, against the back of the door frame.
The purpose of this plywood is to prevent small items from falling off the front of the shelf.
In a room with a high ceiling, it may be feasible to install more than one shelf.
In this case, a shelf forms the bottom of the newly created \"cabinet\", as shown in the figure, adding a second shelf to it.
This is best done with shelf standards and metal clips in order to adjust the height of the second shelf as needed.
Regular replacement of storage requirements;
The shelves that may be right now may be a little too low or too high next month or next year.
The second rack can be adjusted by simply changing the position of the clip where the shelf is located.
As shown in the figure, the door of this new storage space is cut into a reasonably comfortable size and then mounted on the cabinet hinges on both sides.
The 1-inch wood is fixed in a new opening.
One along the top, one along the bottom
As the door to close the steps.
Friction traps or magnetic traps can then be installed to keep the door closed and small knobs can be added to the front of each door.
This work is done by installing the decoration around the new door, either the same type that already exists around the original door frame, or a simple flat or flip molding, there are seams in every corner.
Drawings of Robert StrimbanDetail, left, how the opening above the door is cut.
On top, the plaster is cut to create new openings.
The top details how the new shelves are fixed inside.
A version of this file was printed on the C4 page of The New York edition on July 26, 1979, with the title: Home improvement.
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