hobart to ban plastic takeaway containers by 2020

by:HongXing     2019-10-10
Plastic food containers are being phased out in Hobart.
Source: The Australian city of istockAN has decided to ban the use of plastic take-out containers for the next three years.
On Monday night, the Hobart City Council decided to phase out by 2020, making the city even more plastic-free.
Prior to that, some restaurants in the city of Tasmania decided to stop using plastic straws that would eventually be landfill and sea-covered.
The decision to ban plastic take-out containers was the latest move by Hobart in the waste war, and food packaging has now been incorporated into Tasmania\'s plastic shopping ban Act 2013.
The bill prohibits Tasmanian retailers from offering lightweight plastic shopping bags to shoppers.
However, it does not include biodegradable bags, re-sealed zip storage bags, heavier plastic bags (
Used by clothing and department stores)
Plastic bags are part of the packaging of items such as bread, frozen food or ice bags.
According to The Mercury newspaper, the committee accepted a motion to phase out plastic containers, which Bill Harvey, a city councillor at Hobart, said would set an example for the country.
\"I think it will have an impact on society,\" he said . \".
\"It is time to start dealing with such issues and the Commission can be the leader of the state.
\"Plastic containers will disappear from Hobart on 2020.
Source: Dr. Trevor Thornton, lecturer in hazardous substances management at the University of Dickson, News Ltd, said it was a good move, but Hobart needs to be careful.
\"Using plastic shopping bags, for example, sometimes alternatives are not as good in terms of the environment,\" he said . \".
\"What we need to do is determine why we do it, what the result is, what we\'re looking for, and then start there.
Are all these resources, garbage, waste, costs?
\"The bottom line is that we have to be cautious about changing one question to another.
\"Plastics are not always evil, and they may be good according to the purpose for which we use them.
Dr. Thornton said that if retailers work together, it is possible to phase out plastic containers in three years. operated.
\"When reusable coffee cups appear in many cafes, they say they won\'t fill them up and people won\'t wash them or anything else.
However, often looking at these alternatives, the hot water and detergent to wash them may exceed the one-time use.
\"You have to make a summary and find out what is best,\" he said . \".
Bill Harvey, a member of the Hobart City Council, said Hobart is an example.
Picture: Kim EiszeleSource: Australian news group Thornton believes that people will be more difficult if plastic take-out containers are completely banned.
\"I remember I went to the Outsell and my parents would bring a pan from home for fried rice or something else to put in,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s not a stupid idea, but we are now living in a different world and working overtime on our way home.
\"If I go to the same take-out or convenience store a lot, can I rinse and take back the reusable packaging?
But it also affects food safety and other issues.
The best option, Dr. Thornton said, is a biodegradable take-out container that can be placed in a compost bin at night.
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