Here\'s why you should never brush your teeth after breakfast - or a night out

by:HongXing     2020-07-02
If you start your day with a green juice, you may feel very ethical-but have you ever thought that it has no effect on your teethThought.
That may be why the UK seems to be under the control of a popular tooth decay.
Last year, a YouGov survey found that 3 out of 10 Britons only brush their teeth once a day, although a recent US survey found that, the average life expectancy of millennials will not brush their teeth for two or more days.
Bad habits begin even earlier;
According to new data, dentists took 170 rotten teeth out of children\'s mouths every day and 42,911 last year-the fifth in more than five years ago.
Sugar, as always, is the culprit.
But don\'t be fooled by the idea that chocolate and carbonated drinks are the only responsibility.
The natural sweet \"healthy\" snack bar, juice and smoothies are the favorite of the middle class
Class store cabinets are also harmful to your family\'s teeth. As fully-
Normal adults, keeping their teeth clean is an area that we imagine to be covered.
Brushing our teeth is a ritual when we are kids, and we brush our teeth twice a day without a doubt-so it looks like how we can be wrong.
The older you are, the harder it is to reverse tooth decay.
To make matters worse, experts now believe that poor dental hygiene can lead to a series of seemingly unrelated middle-places
Life disorders, including pancreatic cancer.
So, how the laymen go through the headlines, they scream the benefits of using a traditional toothbrush or plastic toothbrush, brushing their teeth with cold or warm water, using floss or mouthwash, is a clear guide to how to really take care of your teeth. . .
Your dentist is not exaggerating: electric toothbrushes are more effective than regular toothbrushes.
The good news is you don\'t need a topof-the-
Scope 1 of the work done, but you may need to change the way you brush to feel the benefits.
Dr. Toby Edwards.
With an plastic toothbrush, Lunn says, there will be much less sticky patches on your teeth, \"you don\'t need to spend hundreds of pounds for that.
\"You can buy a tongue with sensitive features for £ 150 --
Brush action, provide an app for your phone so you can know if you have brushed the right mouth area and where you missed it.
\"But a model of £ 30-something like the Oral B 2000 series-would do a good job.
You only need one with two.
Minutes timer \", minimum recommended brushing time.
Research confirms that as long as you follow some rules, a brush with a rotating head is more likely to reach every point of your mouth than a manual brush.
Not the traditional up-and-
Brush your teeth down and keep the rotating head in the teeth for a few seconds before slowly moving to the next one.
It is recommended that you mentally divide your mouth into four points and spend at least half a minute in each area.
\"You can get a buzz brush every 30 seconds as a reminder,\" Dr. Edwards said . \"Lunn.
\"Just make sure the toothbrush is fully charged at all times: its head rotation speed is key.
\"If you prefer a manual toothbrush, please pay attention to the bristles.
Using a \"fixed\" toothbrush can bring more satisfactory depth
Clean feel, but studies have shown that they may be abrasive and cause enamel erosion.
Instead, dentists recommend sticking the toothbrush with \"medium\" or \"soft\" bristles. Small-
The head brushes are also preferable, as they can have better contact with all three outer surfaces of the teeth-the outside, the inside and the bite.
Just make sure to change every three months.
Dr. Edwards said alternatives to electric toothbrushes are not as cheap as analog varieties, but don\'t be dazzled by all the orthodontic Rotary brush heads soldLunn. “One with end-
Round bristles and a small head, the size of which is equivalent to the molar teeth, are sufficient in a few months. ” For all-
Daily use, try oral
Cross Action head of B
99 for 8), it has tilted bristles that remove more patches than traditional bristles.
Dr. Edwards said: \"You don\'t need mouthwash if you have good toothbrushes and toothpasteLunn.
\"If you comb between brushes with it, otherwise it\'s a waste of money.
\"In recent years, some experts have also argued that mouthwash may be a factor in oral cancer, most of which contain alcohol.
But Dr. Edwards
Lunn said that while there is no conclusive evidence of this, there is actually no need to use it on a daily basis.
Last month, a new health study showed that red wine is actually good for oral health and reduces the ability of dental plaque.
Causes the bacteria to stick to the teeth and gums.
The researchers found some compounds from this beverage called polyphenols, which help to resist harmful bacteria in the mouth.
But before you start gargling with pinot noir, remember that the acidity of the wine means it will damage the enamel.
So you should. . .
Once, you should not brush your teeth before going to bed, after a heavy carnival.
Dr. Edwards, you still have that terrible furry feeling on your teeth.
Lunn explained that the best thing to do is wash a little mouthwash and brush your teeth in the morning instead of reaching out to get the toothbrush.
Otherwise, you can do more damage-especially if the alcoholic drink you choose is bubbling.
\"If you \'ve been in proseck, or drink spirits with a Coke mixer, the surface of your teeth will soften because of the acidity of the drink.
Since you have the potential to cause permanent damage, this is not the time to brush your teeth and soften the enamel.
If you want to freshen up before going to bed, this is one of the few times that mouthwash has any use.
\"Are you based on the amount of PPM (a few parts per million) fluoride contained in the toothpaste, or are you based on Edwards-
Lunn explained that the amount of fluoride in toothpaste offset the \"de-mining\" that appeared in the mouth when we ate sugar \".
\"With tooth decay, the only two things we can influence are the amount of plaque in your mouth, and the amount of sugar you put with plaque.
Because if you put sugar and plaque together, you will have tooth decay or go to the mine.
\"But this is a reversible process.
You can put the minerals back into your teeth with fluoride in your toothpaste.
\"Adults should use toothpaste containing at least 1, 400PPM fluoride,\" he explained.
\"Toothpaste brands like Sensodyne and Colgate usually add ingredients that help to remineralize, such as phosphate.
But if you\'re looking for fluoride
The most important ingredient in toothpaste
Choose the supermarket brand, usually there will be 1, 400PPM.
Be careful with toothpaste that claims to be healthy.
Euthymol, rich in medicine and full in medicine-
As a fashion package and brand of \"scientific dental preparation\", fluorine is not included at all.
There is also a warning: \"For children under the age of six, use the children\'s formula toothpaste because children often swallow it, adults consume too much fluoride and they can\'t take it every day.
\"There is no doubt that dental floss is the best way to release plaque that accumulates between teeth.
But if you\'re not going to do that every day, Dr. Edwards --
That\'s not worth the effort, says Lunn.
\"After 24 hours, plaque-the film you will feel if you wrap your tongue around your mouth-begins to get hurt.
If you place two or three days between tartar, your gums have already started to react to tartar, and this damage will continue.
\"If realistically you are only going to be a dental floss worker once in a while, then it\'s time to give up completely because this sporadic dental floss doesn\'t bring you much achievement.
The time you choose to brush is crucial.
This should be the last thing you do before you go to bed, but you should never, Dr. Edwards
Lunn says wash your mouth after brushing your teeth.
Spit . . . . . . Then go to bed.
\"That way, it stays on your teeth when you hit the pillow.
It will stay in your mouth for about 20 minutes and really does something beneficial to remineralize your teeth.
\"Then, in the morning, resist the temptation to wait until after breakfast to brush your teeth-brush your teeth as soon as you wake up.
\"After brushing your teeth, you will have fewer plaque, which means less mouth --forming bugs.
In this way, the risk of decay decreases when you sit down for breakfast.
\"The worst time to brush your teeth is to brush your teeth immediately after drinking or eating any acidic food-so, instead of brushing your teeth, it\'s better to neutralize the acidity in a different way.
Drink or eat something that contains a lot of calcium and phosphate, such as cheese or a cup of milk, as they will help to reverse the damage to the outer surface of the tooth. “Chewing sugar-
\"Free Gum will also help encourage your mouth to produce more saliva, which in turn will start to neutralize the acidity in your mouth,\" Dr. Edwards said . \"
Lunn-he created Dr. Heff\'s extraordinary mint (£ 2 ).
79, Netherlands and Barrett), a series of clinical certificates that can help reduce plaque, strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay.
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