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Even in the midst of growing well bombs
Now there are good health warnings everywhere in cyberspace, which is a stupid warning.
It warns that microwave foods in plastic containers release dioxin, carcinogens, or cancer --causing agent. The e-
The email noted that a message from John Hopkins, Baltimore\'s highly respected medical institution, issued a warning about dioxin, and the Walter Reid Army Medical Center in Washington, DC was \"spreading\" similar information. C. The e-
Mail added that the frozen water in plastic bottles also releases dioxin.
Wrong, wrong, wrong.
A spokesman for John Hopkins said
Mail a \"scam\" and add, \"it never shows up in our newsletter.
A spokeswoman for Walter Reid has never heard of it.
George Poly said: \"To put it bluntly, there is no dioxin in the plastic. this is definitely crazy . \" Deputy Director of Science and Policy, Office of Food Additive Safety, Food and Drug Administration.
He said that the FDA reviewed all substances intended to be exposed to food and noted that nothing in plastic food containers appeared to be a concern.
\"If so, we will take action.
\"In addition, the dioxin is not soluble in water, so it is more likely to remain in the plastic even if there is dioxin in the plastic container, rather than dissolved in the water.
It is clear that dioxin is dangerous;
It is considered to be a carcinogenic substance of human beings.
But Dwain Winters, a US policy analyst, said that the main reason for human exposure to dioxin is not plastic, but animal fat. S.
Environmental Protection Bureau.
Animals absorb dioxin by eating plants whose leaves obtain trace amounts of chemicals from the air, mainly from burning of fuels such as wood, coal or oil.
Although the environmental level of dioxin has been declining through regulatory efforts since the 1970 s, most of us live in a small \"physical burden\" of chemicals in our system, Winters said\"
So, is the plastic used for food preparation getting a completely clean health list?
This is not exactly the case, but the risk is not something you can worry about.
Anna Kumar, professor of cell biology at the University of taftz, said that certain transparent, hard plastic made of polyester can release a substance called double phenol a, a chemical that can simulate estrogen
In her study, an animal fetus exposed to biphenol A may show A change in breast development.
Double phenol A can be released through heated or microwave treated polycarbonate plastics, she added, although consumers cannot tell which plastics contain polycarbonate because this is not indicated on the container.
FDA\'s Pauli notes that some baby bottles are made of polycarbonate plastic.
But even if these bottles are heated in the microwave, FDA scientists are not able to detect any double phenol A residue in milk or formula milk, suggesting that these products are safe.
Double phenol A can also ooze from the plastic lining placed in A metal food jar to prevent rust.
Pauli said the agency has detected very low content of diphenol A in canned foods, but this does not seem to pose A health hazard.
What is the plastic wrap used to cover leftovers?
The film plastic sheet is made of \"plasticizer\", a chemical that makes the plastic more flexible.
A plasticizer like this, DEHA (
Hexic acid diethyl hexyl ester)
Pauli says it can be filtered out of plastic wrap even without heating.
Based on research into animals that feed this chemical in large quantities, the FDA has developed standards for acceptable, safe DEHA levels in plastic packaging. Bottom line?
Microwave food in glass, ceramic or plastic containers advertised (
Sometimes only on the package)
The FDA recommends that microwave use is safe.
Do not microwave food in plastic containers such as artificial butter barrels, takeout
Containers or other products designed for one persontime use --
This plastic melts and can cause chemicals to migrate to food.
If you microwave the food with plastic wrap, do not let the plastic wrap come into contact with the food when cooking for safety reasons.
If you also want to worry about microwaves, you can worry about this: uneven microwave cooking leaves some uncooked cold spots that may still contain bacteria.
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