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As a parent, when it comes in September, it often feels like you are coming back to school, not just your child.
After a summer, it was hard to get back to the daily routine of preparing for school, having a delicious breakfast and packing lunch boxes.
Parents need a simple formula for managing healthy family meals, and it\'s not boring and repetitive at the same time.
Breakfast basically some people like to have breakfast but I am not one of them.
So I totally sympathize with the busy parents who rely on good old spare grains.
Unfortunately, most grains are poor quality foods, rich in sugar with little or no nutritional value.
Choose the most nutritious brand you can find, but try other options.
It\'s not necessarily the chef\'s final in the morning, but what you need to do is not just pour milk.
Lucky to have make-ahead options. 1)
The whole grain I am talking about is the nutritious grain food that is processed as little as possible.
These maintain good concentration and brain function by providing a slow release of energy, B vitamins, and a large amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals, making the beginning of the day perfect.
Oatmeal is my favorite choice.
One of the least processed oats you can make porridge is pinhead oats.
It takes about 25 minutes to cook because of their high fiber content, but you can cook a lot and then heat it again.
When you think outside the box, the average oatmeal is very versatile.
Delicious cooked porridge, milk, granola, flour, oatmeal pancakes and even added to smoothies.
My favorite thing right now is the overnight oats in the jar.
These can be made up for age.
The night before to provide the appropriate part for all families.
You can also use a mixture of other flakes such as brown rice flakes, rye, buckwheat, quinoa and spelling flakes to make healthy porridge, granola and homemade cereal.
I want toast under whole wheat bread.
But not white foam.
I mean, you can add some brown nut bread if you like.
Toast is a great breakfast option as long as you use good bread and healthy toppings.
It\'s delicious to put peanut butter and banana slices or half a butter on brown toast. 2)
Healthy fat and protein flax seeds, chia seeds, nut butter, avocado and plain yogurt are all great options.
By adding a little healthy fat and protein to your family breakfast, you can help these whole grains to provide you with longer fuel.
I often eat a bowl of plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit or fruit plates, nuts, seeds or granola on it.
This is a great tool for frozen blueberries or homemade fruit platter. 3)
I mean the whole fruit, not the juice.
The children need complete fruit and all the fibers are in good condition.
Breakfast is the ideal time to add fruit to porridge or cereal.
It will naturally turn sweet without sugar.
Then, your child only needs to eat an extra portion during the day, and they can achieve the goal of fruit consumption.
Every week, I make a batch of apple or pear fruit plates stewed with cinnamon, or a dry fruit mixture cooked with cinnamon.
Three to four days in the fridge, perfect toppings for porridge and yogurt.
After using up, I stewed frozen berries with orange juice and spices. 4)
Eggs are a huge fan of eggs and they are really the ultimate fast food in nature.
Quick preparation, portable, is a great source of protein.
If you want to mix it a little in a week, try my roast egg recipe, or cook an egg with a Matt toast soldier.
Scrambled eggs stick to the frying pan like crazy, so leave them until the weekend.
The most convenient breakfast option is my steamed or boiled eggs.
This is the recipe for me to wrap a healthy but still fun lunch box.
This is an inspection list covering healthy lunches and snacks.
Keep in mind that this can also apply to adults. 1)
When I pack my lunch box, I always start with the main event, which is a very fulfilling thing.
This is usually a version of the sandwich or one of my \"solid salad \".
Fiber hygiene
Rich carbohydrates are essential for energy and proper development.
What should be avoided is processed white nutrition
Garbage placed on supermarket shelves.
But fortunately, there is a variety of basic knowledge of starch that needs to be familiar.
When I choose my carbs cornerstone, I choose from a variety of breads and baked goods, including beans with protein and carbohydrates, lentils and chickpeas.
Good old sanmeiji is still a great lunch box staple, but it does need a little makeover.
For lunch, I prepared whole wheat pita bread, whole wheat tacos and rye and oats cookies as snacks.
It\'s always brown, spelled or rye bread if I use bread.
The fun of Pita pockets and tacos packaging is that they are very versatile and you can fill them with healthy, crunchy vegetables.
You also don\'t need to use any butter or mayonnaise if your filling is juicy.
Pita\'s pockets are doubled too, as the simple pizza base and tacos pack are fantastic
Breakfast at school. 2)
The second option for the cornerstone of your lunch box is what I call a \"solid salad \".
I really like making and eating these rich salads with whole wheat pasta, steamed coarse beans, quinoa, whole wheat and beans as the basis.
They travel very well, the taste is good, and the nutrition is super rich.
If this is a new idea for you, try cooking a batch of whole wheat or spelling pasta to cool it down and add vegetables and delicious spices.
Another version of the idea is to use whole wheat steamed couscous flour, quinoa and barley as the basis for your large amount of salads.
Cook a batch of grain and then serve it in two different ways that week, once for dinner and then as a packed lunch.
I fill my stomach with chickpeas, beans and lentils almost every day or make snacks.
The choice of cans is good, but they are easy to cook from dry food. 3)
Vegetable snacks attacking wilted lettuce or damp tomato slices in a sandwich will not make vegetables attractive to children.
Many children don\'t eat cooked vegetables like raw or steamed.
If you wrap your crunchy vegetables in a delicious dip sauce, you will easily reach your 5-a-day mark.
The trick is to make it convenient, colorful and delicious.
My favorite vegetables are red pepper strips, corn, mango or sugar peas, carrot sticks, celery and baby leaves.
Hummus is always the most popular as a snack, but you can also make a delicious dip with plain yogurt, mashed white beans, farm cheese or cream cheese.
Plenty of fresh or dry herbs and lemons are a pleasure. 4)
I believe all the moms are tired of the bruised apples and black bananas coming back from their schoolbags.
So don\'t hit your head against the wall and try different fruits and ways of showing.
Kids love separate sections and lovely displays.
Package a small part, such as a grape string or ready-madeto-
Eat fruits, such as oranges or officials.
I love a colorful fruit salad with lots of different fruits in it, but I\'m worried about waste.
When you make a fruit salad, squeeze in fresh orange juice instead of lemon to keep it fresh.
Or choose three kinds of fruit each week for lunch boxes and snacks.
I love having Clement on hand, I chop up a pineapple and play a ball for melon like watermelon or cantaloupe.
If it is ready and ready, you are more likely to eat it.
Remember, we need more vegetables instead of fruit in our diet. 5)
Nuts, nut butter, seeds and dried fruit old-fashioned peanut butter is very good for you.
One tablespoon is part of the protein, plus healthy fat.
You can buy or make your own nut butter with almost any type of nut.
I like to add a little cinnamon as a natural sweetness or you can make hazelnut chocolate yourself.
Great on smoothies, brown toast or oatmeal cookies and banana slices, or as a dip in apple slices.
The mixture of dried fruits, nuts and seeds provides excellent nutrition for the brain, healthy fibers, and is also healthy, sweetsnack option.
Try my popcorn mix as a fun and portable snack.
Or my personal favorite muesli ball, which makes breakfast with what you already have at home.
Shoot Rozanne Stevens\'s delicious flavors and recipe recipes.
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Youtube: www. youtube.
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