Hail the supermarket trolley

by:HongXing     2020-08-26
It was a very pleasant experience to visit the supermarket.
At the entrance I was looking for a clean basket.
I can browse the neatly arranged shelves with colorful content.
From safety pins to refrigerators, almost everything is shown with temptation, tempting me to buy every one.
I always end up buying more than I want to, and it\'s another thing.
I started with a basket in my hand and as the shopping went on I was always looking for a cart.
I put the basket in the cart and went on.
In India, trolleys are available at the entrance to the market for free.
Once, I was taken aback when I was shopping abroad.
In order to get a cart, I had to insert a coin to release its lock.
It seems to me to be an outrageous idea that violates one of my fundamental rights.
However, since I did not know the local language to register my protest, I inserted the coin meekly. (
When I put the trolley back at the dock, I took the coin back. )
My heart was happy when my journey into the supermarket with a large empty trolley started.
Pure thinking about all the things and good things that are about to fill it, will always soothe my brain.
For a moment, I deeply felt the unique fragrance of the supermarket, a pleasant mix of edible and inedible
Edible things and air
Freshener in the air.
Some customers found it convenient for their children to sit in the trolley.
It keeps them on guard and prevents them from wandering around and ruining the fun of shopping.
The kids are happy because they can see amazing views and also the shelves on a level they can never see.
For obvious reasons, parents must leave the trolley a few feet away from the shelf.
It\'s fun to see children often cranking and twisting to grab shopping items, while mom is preoccupied with her favorite entertainment activities.
As shopping progresses, it is possible for the child to be brought out in order to accommodate more items in the trolley.
If the child loses his temper, then a colorful candy will appear in the child\'s mouth, and a second trolley may be needed to place the troubled child.
When a family is shopping together, the least active shopper will have the responsibility to push the cart, trek or wait in the back, and when others take their bags and things and throw them in the waiting four-
Wheeler ordered \"haver\" to arrange things in a compact way. The trolley-
Promoters in a state of physical inertia often have the opportunity to observe shoppers and their various interesting behaviors --
\"Shopperment \'.
If everyone in the family is actively shopping, then four
Wheeler is in the center.
Some shoppers did not park their cars in the central passage ceremoniously, forgetting the basic cart etiquette.
Some careless people bumped the trolley into me without even apologizing for their \"supermarket\" behavior. Absent-
Thoughtful customers sometimes roll my cart away and return it after I remind them.
Young couples are always kindly pushed along the carts.
They often don\'t pay attention to the crowd and noise around them.
In the middle
Old couple husband is usually the one who pushes heavy goods
Lost in the physical world, full of vehicles, as the wife fanatically disappeared behind each shelf.
Older shoppers found that the trolley doubled during the run-up to help them with their sore knees.
I have never met people who are tired of shopping.
Everyone looks very happy and has peace with themselves.
In this leisure activity, the family looks united and happy to be together.
New research has shown that shopping is really good for personal health --
\"Retail therapy: effective!
\"When the item is full, there is a risk of overflow, and there is also a risk that delicate vegetables and fruits are crushed.
When frozen items sweat and therefore get wet with other packages, shopping should be kept until the last lap, which can be a mess.
Larger objects and packaging occupy a lot of space and stand out from an awkward angle.
I don\'t know why the trolley is not strong. walled.
A toothbrush, pen, or broom may highlight the gap in an unstable way.
Who can imagine that 25 years ago, people could put the TV in their shopping cart and take it home right away.
Under the weight of the load, some carts
The wheel may give way.
Finally, pushing a shopping cart through the crowd is an art in itself.
For tired people, there is no chance to find a seat. The store-
The owners make sure all the people are always down-to-earth.
At these times, I envy the children sitting in the trolley enjoying every moment.
The strange thing is that some people are close to each other.
After they spent so long in the supermarket, empty carts.
The real reason is anyone\'s guess.
Once at the time of shopping, I found that I had neither cash nor cards.
I gave up half to avoid embarrassment.
Shopping carts are filled in the middle of the supermarket.
My wife can\'t imagine the idea of putting every item back on their respective shelves.
Like \"shopping paradise \"-
Nightmare of super motorcycle.
More than once, when I saw the long bill queue, I gave up my cart and left in a hurry.
It\'s late to watch a movie in the same mall.
Once, when I came back after the movie, my cart was still where I left and everything I collected was in good condition.
I built an instant emotional connection with my loyal companion and embraced it.
Then I went to the bill counter.
The billing process is a challenge in many ways.
I looked into all the counters to identify the ones that were obviously the shortest.
However, this is never good for me because the \"law of queuing\" always works.
The queue I\'m in always seems to be moving the slowest.
Instead, the queue on both sides of me looks faster than mine.
It is wise to forget all of these Psychology and kinetic physics and join any line.
Waiting is inevitable.
If I line up without any problems, I should consider myself lucky.
I often have the least experienced and talkative cashiers in my team.
The computer hangs.
The barcode scanner will feel inconsistent.
The card reader takes a long time to receive and print, and on some worse days the paper in the printer runs out and needs to be replaced.
A muscular person in front of me will have a lot of questions about this bill.
He will have 57 discount coupons redeemable, each worth Rs 3 and 19 Pa.
Even if the bill keeps rising, his wife will continue to refuel his trolley.
I will \"look\" at him and he will raise his eyebrows and shrug his shoulders as if to say \"I don\'t know her \".
The last moment of truth comes.
It\'s Bill\'s turn.
At that moment, a clever young girl would beg me to make way for her because she had only six items to charge.
I become a generous uncle and will make my aunt\'s nose and eyes red.
The clerk looked at me lightly. \"Is it OK ? \"
I agree with this expression and dare not consider the consequences of marriage after I leave.
In order to keep my aunt\'s mouth busy, I quickly took a colored gum for her.
The energetic cashier quickly tapped the screen.
One item I purchased had a 50 gm fan pack that was free, she said.
My happiness is like winning the first prize.
Things in the trolley are quickly emptied and can only be used full-
Plastic bags for pregnancy.
I am happy with my savings from shopping.
Compared to the joy I experienced, the trouble I experienced was nothing.
The long bill that often reaches the floor is picked up by the security guard to check.
When I finished, I pushed the valuable trolley to the parking lot.
My wife will suddenly remember that she forgot to buy a matchbox and insisted that we go back.
I acted as if I hadn\'t heard her speak.
The trolley was unloaded and then abandoned in the dark and isolated parts of the basement parking lot.
When I say goodbye to my lonely friend, I can say with comfort that it will soon be combined with its own kind.
Then the waiters in the mall will push them back to the supermarket like a train.
I just can\'t imagine life without a supermarket cart.
Thanks to Silwan Goldman and Ola Watson for their invention and design.
These shiny steel cars play an important role in our lives by reducing the burden on our shoulders.
Although at least one popular online shopping site has a trolley as its logo, pushing a trolley with a body in the middle of an attractive supermarket brings pure spiritual pleasure, engaging in this lovely hobby known as \"shopping\" is the highest.
Shopping online has deprived us of our physical and mental pleasure.
These useful carts will continue to effectively help shopaholics pursue shopping happiness.
Supermarket trolley, May the God of shopping bless you.
Wish you the wheels and good health!
I will recommend this year\'s vehicle to you (VOTY)Award.
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