Greenpeace campaigners march enormous bottle made from 2,500 plastic bottles to Michael Gove in protest against single-use plastic

by:HongXing     2020-06-01
A huge plastic bottle sculpture of 2,500 smaller bottles marched in London and was delivered to Michael Gove on Monday morning.
Greenpeace activists carried 29ft art pieces on the Westminster Bridge, urging the environment minister not to \"lose bottles\" because of the proposal for a deposit return plan \".
The plan was included in the Waste and Resources strategy of the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in December 2018.
It announced plans to implement a \"reverse vending machine\" that people can use to return plastic bottles and recover money.
However, as consultations began last week on the plan, many
Plastic activists warn that the plan will include only smaller plastic bottles.
When activists marched to the environment minister, they warned that more than 6 billion larger plastic bottles could slip from cracks each year. Sam Chetan-
Walsh, a political adviser to Greenpeace UK, said: \"We are providing this 29ft piece of art to Michael Gove, urging him not to lose the bottle.
\"A watered-down plan will confuse customers, pollute the environment with billions of bottles, and it will not be so valuable to our economy.
\"The huge sculptures are made up of plastic bottles collected by volunteers from streets, riverbanks and beaches across the UK.
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