great pollution caused by plastic bottles

by:HongXing     2020-05-14
In the 1970 s, bottled water entered the market and was widely accepted by many consumers.
Then, in 2000, the bottled water company blossomed due to the production of one bottle of bottled water and created pressure in the natural environment.
Every year, 5 million tons of plastic bottles cause pollution worldwide.
According to statistics, bottled water can cause pollution because a large amount of crude oil is used to produce bottled water.
An environmental activist once said it would take 17 million to produce 1 barrel of oil.
5 million plastic containers, actually enough to fuel 1 million cars, also need 2.
It takes 7 million tons of plastic to make plastic containers every year.
Although the government supports the recycling of the plastic bottle, the data shows that from 53% in 1993 to 12% in 2003, this figure fell to of the total number of plastic bottles.
In the eyes of environmental activists, the continuous decline in recycling plastic bottles has become very shocking. One solution they have proposed to solve this problem is to develop a national law, enabling the government to develop a plan on how to provide incentives for those who help the government recycle plastic products, especially plastic bottles.
Some experts say drinking tap water is much better than bottled water for the following reasons: compared to bottled water, it costs less per gallon of tap water. 90% of bottled water is not recycled. 2.
It is believed that the production of plastic bottles in 2006 will produce 5 million tons of carbon dioxide.
• Pollution of Phthalet
Often used to make plastic can pollute the water inside the plastic container, especially those old bottles.
Pollution of double phenol A-
Biphenol is a harmful chemical and is a common ingredient in plastic bottles.
Once the plastic bottle is heated, or the bottle itself has cracks, it has a tendency to pollute the water.
According to statistics, the United States is the world\'s largest consumer of plastic bottles.
Some people don\'t know the consequences of buying bottled water, while others just ignore the harmful effects of this practice.
Although the government has assured the public that all water flowing from the tap is clean and drinkable, the sales of bottled water are still increasing year by year, according to a data from government agencies, in 2006 alone, Americans have spent $11 billion on bottled H2O, which is expected to increase every year.
In addition, the report shows that 1 out of 5 plastic containers was recycled in the same year.
A company in Colorado called \"bio-zone\" invented a biodegradable plastic that was actually made from Dow Chemical and corn starch processed by seed company Cargill.
Compared with the 1,000-year degradation time of ordinary plastic bottles, plastic bottles made of biological groups take only 80 days.
This invention may help us relieve the stress in the environment and keep us away from the destructive effects of pollution.
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