Get your buzz on with this electric toothbrush cover of \'Wannabe\' by the Spice Girls

by:HongXing     2020-07-27
If you have a guitar, throw it in the trash can now.
Go to the old grand piano with a sledgehammer.
The only tool you need is an plastic toothbrush.
The equipment Orchestra is a YouTube channel that is impossible (
But interesting)
Turn everyday utensils and lifeless items into the task of his own orchestra.
Just as frogs learn to sing in meet Robinson, the equipment orchestra is digging into the hidden music potential of everything from credit card machines to toasters, and now there are electric toothbrushes and more.
He used five brushes to create the perfect performance of Wannabe by hot girls, including the rap part.
This stripped-out, quirky and hilarious energy also reminds people of a lot of otamatone covers on YouTube.
Now, if he could make up an alarm clock, just wake me up with something better than a harsh noise.
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