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by:HongXing     2020-05-05
You must drink mineral water every day.Young people like to drink Coke, so they use plastic cans and bottles every day.A writer needs to write every day, so he needs plastic every day, and again, 97% of the population uses mobile phones made of plastic.So in short, almost everyone needs and uses some or more forms of plastic every day.But, have we ever thought about where to get all this plastic and where will these scrap plastic go after use?Well...It goes into the recycling process.This is because unused plastics damage the environment in one way or another.Therefore, although not all types of plastic products can be recycled, most of the waste in the recycling House is bound to be recycled.Like, if we don\'t recycle plastic bottles, it\'s dangerous for the environment.Carbon in the air can cause pollution.What we mean is that recycling plastic helps protect the environment.In addition, recycling is just the end of plastic, but it can be converted into new and unique plastic products.For example, pet plastic bottles can be recycled and re-made into plastic chairs.However, plastic needs to be loaded and loaded in order to make furniture or similar plastic products.The plastic bottles we found on the ground piled up thousands of tons and finally built a piece of furniture.One of the challenges of plastic recycling is that the recycling of plastic takes a long process compared to glass, so it takes time and more precisely, the fact of heavy machinery is that after recycling plastic, it is more useful than glass or anything else that can make the same thing.The structure of the plastic bottle is very strong type of structure, because it is made of polymer plastic, so the heating is not enough to melt the plastic, it needs more process than simply heating the bottle in the machine like a bottle, and then consider the example of glass.Plastic recycling basically includes three processes: one is to accumulate the whole plastic and classify it according to its form.
This classification is carried out at the level of the polymer used.
Then individual recycling is carried out.
After the recovery of the monomer is completed, the heat is released.
Finally, Heat compression is performed.These steps are performed in order to manufacture the required plastic products.We hope the above paragraphs will be useful to you and I will be an incentive step to protect the environment and make it healthy, green and clean.

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