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by:HongXing     2020-04-30
Shoppers at a store in Iceland are the first in the country to receive cash returns from plastic bottles.
Bosses are trying out reverse vending machines at London\'s Fulham stores.
Frozen food experts say the company is leading the trend by introducing a deposit return plan.
It will test the use of these machines within six months.
Reverse vending machines reward people for recycling by providing money or coupons for empty containers.
Fulham customers can get a 10 p Icelandic voucher in exchange for empty plastic bottles they put into the supermarket machine.
The government and activists dealing with plastic waste welcomed this.
Richard Walker, managing director of Iceland, said: \"Iceland has received strong support since announcing our intention to eradicate plastic packaging, which shows us that the public has great will to deal with the scourge of plastics.
\"After the government announced its support for the UK\'s deposit return plan, we were the first supermarket to take decisive action to bring the reverse vending machine into the store.
\"By consulting with suppliers and understanding how customers will respond to machines, we are doing a great job.
\"There are 12 million tons of plastic entering our ocean every year, so it is our responsibility to solve the problem of plastic packaging, just like we deal with our own label products, to empower our customers to change themselves.
\"Similar plans have been implemented in other countries such as Germany, Norway and Sweden.
MP Michael Gove, State Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, welcomed the trial.
\"There is no doubt that plastic is harmful to our marine environment,\" he said.
\"Plastic pollution causes dolphins to die and turtles to suffocate and degrade our most precious habitat.
\"I commend Iceland for leading their trial plan.
\"We are now taking action to curb millions of unrecycled plastic bottles every day is absolutely important.
\"Enterprise support will be an important part of ensuring that we place the environment in a better state than we find.
\"Surfer\'s CEO against sewage Hugo tarholm, who emphasizes the destruction of the ocean, who says the vending machine\" puts power in the hands of customers and says no to plastic pollution, they are also encouraged to participate in the proven plastic-free Marine solution \".
He said: \"a national deposit return system will stop millions of plastic bottles from entering the environment every year and stop the wave of plastic flooding our coastline.
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