\\\"game of thrones\\\" plastic bottle: plastic water bottles …

by:HongXing     2020-04-28
The series finale of Game of Thrones includes another embarrassing misfortune --
This has nothing to do with the plot.
Two weeks after the show, The Eagle mistakenly left a coffee cup at the scene.
In a key dramatic scene, fans of the eyes saw plastic water bottles.
In the final episode of season 8, Iron Throne, surviving lords, ladies and important advisers gathered in King Lantin to pick the new leader of westrose.
There are Samwell Tarley (
Played by John Bradley)—
Jon Snow\'s best friend.
After suggesting that democracy is a form of government moving forward, he may feel thirsty between two shots.
Is the cup plastic bottle now? ? ?
Game of Thronestwitter. com/NMH8s3YLDW—Na be el (@Upbeat_nabeel)
Water bottles appear in 46-May 20, 2019-
The minute mark next to Sam\'s leg is only a second.
Keen observers noticed this on Twitter.
To raise awareness of global warming and recycling of the Game of Thrones, Sam brought a plastic bottle to the Council. twitter. com/7tUBXLZfas—
Photo | ada wong\'s Bitch (@camsde4)
In May 20, 2019, he invented democracy and polybendiester.
Game of Thronestwitter. com/sKvCHCAwKW—
Anthony Oliveira (@meakoopa)
In May 20, 2019, other fans also found a second water bottle next to Sir Davos.
Not only there, I also found a second water bottle next to Sir Davos.
Game of Thronestwitter. com/rZHqiWmDU4—Bala Yogesh (@Yo_Bala)
In May 20, 2019, like the coffee cup event in the final episode of StarCraft, fans were shocked by the mistake, as the cost of production this season was as high as millions of dollars and took two years
The coffee cup.
Danni forgot the fleet of the Dragon.
Plastic bottles. All in season eight. LMAO? ? . GameofThrones—FENTY ? (@RihannaNepal)
May 20, 2019, I can\'t breathe, they did it again? ?
The first Starbucks is now a water bottle. The show is a joke. twitter. com/9YaFF8Pnm6—ℝίτα? | Vandals (@JonxDanyy)
On May 20, 2019, HBO deleted the coffee cup after fans made enough noise about it.
CBS News contacted the network to see if it also plans to remove plastic water bottles from the end of the season.
Game of Thrones more \"Game of Thrones\" documentation reveals the actor\'s reaction to daenery\'s fate HBO\'s big test after Game of Thrones: don\'t lose the audience \"Game of Thrones\" fans were stunned by the fate of the Iron Throne in more than 1 million \"Games of Thrones\". However, many fans prefer to remake season 8 in Game of Thrones, and they are frustrated with the development of the season rather than making some untimely mistakes.
So much, in fact, more than 1.
5 million people signed an online petition asking HBO to redo the last season of Game of Thrones, while listing plot points they thought were flawed.
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