france becomes first country to ban plastic cups and dishes

by:HongXing     2019-10-19
Plastic cups!
Your France is finished.
According to The Associated Press, France has become the first country in the world to ban the use of disposable plastic cups and tableware.
According to the new law passed last month, all single people
The use of cups, plates and other tableware sold in the country needs to be packable and at least partially made of biological products
Purchasing materials.
It was not open until January.
1. 2020 compliance measures.
France currently has more than four free throws.
According to the newspaper Echo, there are 7 billion plastic cups per year.
Only 1% of these items are recycled.
Although environmental activists and others are pleased with the passage of the new measure, it has also been criticized.
According to The Associated Press, at least one of the packaging industry lobbyists threatened to take legal action against France because it violated EU rules on the free movement of goods.
France hosted the landmark Paris climate change conference last year and strengthened its commitment to climate action and other environmental issues.
Before the country banned the use of plastic tableware, a similar ban on plastic bags began in July.
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