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Four-piece Color Plate for Snacks, Fruits or Dishes

Four-piece Color Plate for Snacks, Fruits or Dishes

Four-piece Color Plate for Snacks, Fruits or Dishes

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Four-piece Color Plate for Snacks, Fruits or Dishes

These colorful plates have four shapes in opinion. Their shapes includes square, round, rectangle and oval. According to shapes, you can choose which one you like.

These four-piece plates include four-piece colored plates and four-piece plates with only red plates. If you chose the four-piece colored plates, the dishes will have four colors. If you chose the four-piece plates with only red plates, the plates will only red.


The main material of these plates is PP. PP is durable and easy to clean. The plates are smooth that will not hurt our hands. This kind of plate is better than porcelain plate in anti-fall. When the porcelain plate is filled with hot food, the plate will be very hot, and it is easy to burn your hands. This kind of plastic plate is not as hot as a porcelain plate and won't burn your hands.


Many people will worry about plastic may has toxic. These dishes are made of PP which is an eco-friendly material so the dishes are non-toxic and tasteless.


Different shapes of plates can hold different foods. For example, round and square plates can be filled with snacks such as fruits and dried fruits. Oval and rectangular plates can be used for food like fish. This colorful plate, because of its rich color, can bring people a good mood.

Item No.DescriptionSizePacking SizePacking quantityN.W.G.W.

Four-piece set of colored square dishes

14.8*14.8*2.5cm61*31*46.5cm72 Sets/Carton14 kgs15.5 kgs
HX0036164Four-piece set of colored rectangular dishes19*12*2.5cm59.5*37*43.5cm72 Sets/Carton16 kgs17.5 kgs
HX0036165Four pieces of colored oval dishes23*15*3cm49*46.5*54.5cm60 Sets/Carton17 kgs18.5 kgs
HX0036166Four pieces of red round plate 14.5*14.5*2.5cm60*30.5*46.5cm72 Sets/Carton15 kgs16 kgs
HX0036167Four pieces of red square plate 14.8*14.8*2.5cm61*31*46.5cm72 Sets/Carton14 kgs15.5 kgs
HX0036168Four pieces of red rectangular plate 

19*12*2.5 cm

59.5*37*43.5cm72 Sets/Carton16 kgs17.5 kgs
HX0036169Four pieces of red oval plate 23*15*3 cm49*46.5*54.5cm
60 Sets/Carton17 kgs18.5kgs

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