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Foldable Wholesale Adult Bathtub Multifunctional with Lid

Foldable Wholesale Adult Bathtub Multifunctional with Lid

Foldable Wholesale Adult Bathtub Multifunctional with Lid

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Foldable Wholesale Adult Bathtub Multifunctional with Lid

The material of this wholesale adult bathtub is composed of sturdy pp and TPE. The internal space of the bathtub has been lengthened and widened, so the increased space can be used by adults.

  This plastic adult bathtub has a lid that can lock the temperature of the bathtub water, so it can keep warm for up to one hour. The design of the bathtub lid not only can keep warm, but also can be used alone. This lid is a three-stage design. The first stage can be used to place toiletries. The second stage can place computer for work or play games, and the three-stage fully enclosed can enjoy the pleasure of bathing.


  This wholesale bathtub is foldable so that it can save the space. Don’t worry that it will occupy too much space. It passed the test of foldable so it can stand repeated folding.

  The bathtub is ergonomically designed, so even if you sit for a long time, you won’t feel tired. The overall design of the bathtub is slightly inclined, which makes the internal massage more comfortable.


  The external design of the bathtub constitutes a stable four-corner support, which can bear 300 kg. The anti-slip isolation layer at the bottom and the support of the bracket can play a double anti-slip effect, so the bathtub is very stable and will not slip.


  There are non-slip handles on both sides of the bathtub. And the shower head can be placed on one side. The bottom of the bathtub is drained with double holes, which can speed up the draining speed.


  The color of the water plug of the bathtub changes with the temperature of the water. The water plug is white when the water temperature is above 38℃, and the water plug is blue when the water temperature is below 38℃.


  The design of this foldable bathtub is ingenious and multifunctional, so it is a very good product. If you want to know about other bathtubs, please contact us.


  • Item no:HX0037322
  • Size:138*62*52cm 
  • Capacity:1PC
  • Material:PP,TPE
  • Packing:1pc/box,1pc/carton,0.197cbm/ctn
  • Color:Blue,Pink
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