foam cups and food containers could be banned in maryland, making it the first state to do so

by:HongXing     2019-10-29
Lawmakers in Maryland have positioned the state as the first state in the country to ban foam food containers and cups.
According to the Baltimore Sun, both houses of the State Council passed this month a bill banning food containers made of polystyrene, a plastic foam known as plastic foam.
Del, the conference committee will resolve the differences between the two bills.
Brooke Liman, the sponsor of the House Representative edition, told The Sun.
Plastic foam will break into small pieces, polluting water roads and streets, environmental activists say.
MORE: The world\'s largest collection of marine waste is twice that of Texas. \"I am happy to be part of the effort to defend our waterways and defend our community,\" the Sun reported, and Liman said on the floor of the House: \"Stand up for the world our children will inherit. \".
The proposal then needs to be approved by the Republican government.
Larry Hogan has not said so yet.
Spokesman share delete-
Churchill told the Sun that Hogan was \"always willing to consider any legislation that would reach his desk.
\"If Hogan signs, the ban will take effect in 2020 months.
County officials may charge a fine of $250 for violations.
Kelly Rockall Toller, chairman of the Maryland Retail Association, told CNN that plastic foam is a burden on businesses.
\"Not only will the cost of the restaurant rise and transfer to the consumer, but because the weight of the comparable product is larger, many products cannot be recycled, and the cost will increase due to the higher tip (Weight based)
\"Said Lockler Toller.
According to the sun, some foam products will be allowed to be used, including products packed with raw meat.
Lierman\'s version also allows the outer packaging of foam products in the state, packaging polystyrene outside of food services.
Nevertheless, the sponsors of the Senate bill told us that the Sunplastic foam is not recyclable or biodegradable.
Ashley Van Stone, executive director of garbage-free Maryland, told CNN that marine life also eats bubbles, thinking it\'s food.
The toxins are then passed on to people through the food chain.
Single has been banned in many cities across the country
Use foam food containers, including New York City, Minneapolis, Minnesota and San Monica, California.
In the state, Prince George, Montgomery and Anne arronde County banned foam products, according to The Sun.
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