Five cheap kitchen tools that make cooking and cleaning way easier

by:HongXing     2020-05-18
Some kitchen tools are a must. haves.
So far we have talked about the chef\'s knives, wooden cutting boards and paper pans.
Among other tools, it is hard to imagine that a lot of cooking can be done without them.
Then there is a second level device that will make your life easier and cleaner --
Items you may not be able to live in the end.
If you\'re looking for a small upgrade to your kitchen arsenal, all five are worth it.
(The general scope is included below.
) Bench scraper ($2 to $10), this blade-as the name shows-
You can use the lookup tool to clear the confusion on the counter
The flour you sprinkle is used to make pizza dough, or to spread the steamed sofa anywhere.
It also makes it easy to collect your chopped ingredients and needs to move to other places.
My dough can be used to cut bagels or scones (that\'s why my husband gave it the nickname \"dough guillotine ).
Cake tester ($2 to $5) a cake tester is worth having if you bake.
You use it to test the cake (obviously), as well as brownies, blonde cakes and muffins.
Toothpicks are usually used the same way, but I hate going through so much and never remember where I hid the boxes or if I even put them at home when I needed them.
In addition, the thin metal tester can help you determine that your vegetables, even meat or fish, are cooked through.
A splash screen can protect your kitchen and yourself from the splash.
(These are good-
It\'s called gadgets, isn\'t it?
) It is especially convenient for pan
Fried food, such as chicken chops, and ketchup that is prone to blistering.
When placed on the bowl, you can replace the filter with it, such as when you make the broth and need to remove the solids.
Or use it to smooth the vegetable juice, or even the potatoes of mashed potatoes.
Spoon rest for years ($8 to $20) and I will stick my dirty stuff inside
Use spoon and spatula on wadded
Place paper towels, plates, counters, top of the stove or on the edge of the jar irregularly.
Then we went through a nice ceramic spoon from Italy to rest and I was sold right away.
It gets a permanent position on the counter next to the big burner on our stove.
The first spoon eventually cracked in the roll, and now I cherish its replacement, a blue one --and-
The white one we bought in London.
There are some spoon backrests that are big enough to put at the end of the spoon or spatula, but I\'m in a mess so I prefer to have a full spoon
Can also accommodate the length version of the dirty handle.
The Brush ($3 to $6) firm washer brush is perfect for cleaning agricultural products, especially fruits and vegetables that you do not intend to peel off.
You can also use it for general cleaning tasks-
You know, that one was burned.
About what you want to get off the stove.
I really like this Oxo model, which has a non-slip handle that goes through the dishwasher.
The long handle bottle brush makes it easy to clean the thermometer, high glass and water bottle.
I use this to clean other clunky objects like my glass kettle and teapot.
Do you have your favorite cheap kitchen tools?
Share with us in the comments below.
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