father\'s day gift guide: 5 gadgets for dads, from digital radios to cycling computers

by:HongXing     2020-07-22
Daddy\'s day is coming. . .
Father\'s Day 2015 our top five.
Source: The countdown has begun.
Less than two weeks before Father\'s Day, the online shopping window soon closed.
Here are five fresh technical tips that will not only get you out of trouble, but also make your family smile.
Ruark R1 Mark month in collaboration with audio-visual/4/5/$449/synergyaudio. comDad tunes . . .
Ruark R1 is a digital radio and Bluetooth speaker with a top dial and walnut finish.
Source: SuppliedIt looks like an old one
But Ruark R1 Mark 3 is actually a very modern music machine.
It plays music in digital radio stations and FM radio and plays music from a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.
The improved RotoDial has direct access to its functions (
You don\'t need a manual)
, Enhance the OLED screen to display the time of play, song title and artist or other text radio stations.
Unless you invest $119 in the battery pack, it has to be plugged in and the price is high, but it has a good sound quality, easy to use, and the walnut veneer is shiny.
Garmin Edge month with cadence sensorGarmin/4/5/$269/garmin. com.
Computer. . .
Garmin Edge 25 can be paired with a smartphone to share the details of your ride with friends, family and social media.
Source: supply this unit, which describes the world\'s smallest GPS bike computer, about the size of the watch face, does not take up too much handle space.
Its setup is simple: just tie it to your handlebar and it will capture time, distance, speed and rise with the option to sync it to the smartphone app, to get a detailed map of the route.
The bundle includes a sensor for measuring the step frequency when bundled onto the pedal.
It\'s charged with eight.
The one-hour battery life represents a good entrance to the bike computer, while also providing key features for the needs of most passengers. Oral-
B. Pro 5000 electric dental floss-
B/4/5/260 dollar/days. com. auSmart brush . . . The Oral-
B. PRO5000 plastic toothbrush has Bluetooth connection function, which can transfer the history of brushing teeth to smart phones.
Source: The word \"Bluetooth\" in supply is not necessarily related to good oral health, but both are combined in this advanced plastic toothbrush. The Oral-
The B Pro 5000 connects wireless to two batteries-
Electric timing monitor and smartphone app.
While the timer reminds you to spend 30 seconds brushing each quadrant of your mouth, the app can be customized to help users focus on goals such as oral area or gum health or tooth whitening.
You can set up reminders in the app and upload your brushing history.
In addition to the technology, the rotating plastic toothbrush is very effective, although it is loud and requires a 24-hour charge.
Zoft Speaker Case for IPhone 6 zoft/3.
Unexpected sounds. .
The Zapper case of the Apple iPhone 6 comes with a large speaker and battery pack.
Source: supply dif has an award for the most unusual feature portfolio in the phone case, which will be shortlisted.
There are two parts to this zapper housing: a simple bumper to protect the edge of the phone, another removable backrest as a wireless speaker, one hand
Free phone speakers and a battery pack of 1800.
As a speaker, this is a major improvement in mobile phones, but it is unlikely to impress enthusiasts.
If your phone or other gadget doesn\'t have power, you can connect it to the chassis using its USB port.
It\'s a bit strange, but certainly versatile. G-
Drive ev ATC with Thunderbolt 1TBG-Technology / 3.
Protect data. . . The G-Technology G-
The DRIVE ev ATC with Thunderbolt comes with a protective case.
Source: for the explorer\'s supplier, this is a 1 tb drive enclosed in a solid drop
If you throw it into the sea, it will float proof and waterproof case.
Leave the drive inside the sturdy housing and you can connect it to your computer via Thunderbolt cable outside the housing.
Slide the switch on the side and you can remove the internal drive and connect to the computer with a USB cable.
It\'s a bit clunky but pay
The closure is that it will take the beating.
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