Establish facilties to reuse plastic bottles

by:HongXing     2020-05-05
Minister of Environment Ramdas Kadam asked plastic bottle manufacturers to establish facilities for collection and re-collection
After the Environmental Minister Ramdas Kadam announced plans to ban plastic packaging water bottles, plastic bottle manufacturers are required to establish facilities for collection and re-collection
Use bottles in the market.
Kadam said at a meeting attended by state officials and industry stakeholders that a state
The appointed committee is working to create alternatives for plastic bottles.
Kadam added that the ban on the use of plastic bottles by government offices and star hotels will begin in the next three months.
Considering the environmental impact of plastic bags, Kadam has announced a ban on the use of plastic bags from March 2018.
The ban will also cover plastic bottles for All Star-rated residential hotels, government and local self-governing bodies
Government agency offices, schools and colleges with restaurants (restaurants), private offices and public functions propose to discuss later.
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