environmentalists set sights on packaging : ecology: despite the push to reduce solid waste, manufacturers are resisting pleas to cut back on overpackaging.

by:HongXing     2020-08-16
The CD is a small product with a large package, which is a big problem, according to environmental activists. With a 6-inch by 12-
Half inch cardboard or plastic box
The diameter is only 4 3/4, and the wafer thin discs are inches thick around them, and the CD \"is a very obvious example of over-packaged products, said Alan Hershkowitz of the Natural Resources Conservation Commission.
The generous packaging on the newly purchased CD adds the torrent of cartons, and the plastic cans and other disposable products that shoppers take home every day will inevitably be sent to the National landfill and garbage dump.
A large portion of waste is superfluous and unnecessary for environmental activists who review national store shelves.
Many packages, for example, will only make the product more compelling
Not to protect the goods from damage or deterioration, but to attract consumers.
Hershkowitz and other environmental activists and business delegates are working with a coalition of governments from the northeast to study how not only to deal with waste from landfill sites, but to prevent the arrival of landfill sites in the first place is certainly non-toxic
Their approach, known as \"source reduction\", is the top priority of the Environmental Protection Agency\'s strategic inventory of combating the growing excess of urban solid waste.
This has also attracted cautious attention from some consumer goods manufacturers.
Some supermarket laundry products section can see an early test of the \"reduce Source\" campaign.
In plastic bottles of soft fabric softener and competitor products from P & G, P & G\'s pink packaging is smaller;
Softening agent in concentrated form.
Customers can buy a 64-plastic kettle instead of buying an unlimited number of plastic bottles and throwing them away
An ounce tank and an unlimited number of smaller cardboard enrichment boxes, mixed with water and then filled with plastic cans.
The use of concentrate is a method of reducing sources urged by environmental activists.
Reducing sources also means buying more quantities, eliminating unnecessary packaging, buying returnable products, buying products that can be repaired instead of discarded, and donating items that are still available.
\"Unlike other garbage management strategies, garbage is treated once it is made ---
Recycling, for example-
SOURCE reduction is the only way to really solve the problem fundamentally, \"said Jenny Vika, solid waste policy analyst at environmental action.
Washington-based national nonprofit environmental research and advocacy organization.
\"In terms of shopping behavior, it\'s all relatively simple,\" said Wirka . \".
\"Don\'t buy pre-packaged products.
Buy a bigger one
Avoid parts packed separately.
But, she said, \"When you think ahead of the life of the product, it\'s a bit complicated when you\'re talking about durable products instead of packaging.
Things like rotating tires have an incredible impact on how long (tires are)going to last.
It is reasonable to replace disposable razors and pens with products with longer life.
\"Nevertheless, the challenge\" is to change people\'s behavior in a society where we do not face a shortage of material resources.
We face another scarcity. -
\"Not just landfill sites, environmental quality is also scarce,\" said Wirka . \".
In other words, can public attention to environmental value overcome some deep-seated problems?
Spending habits and preferences?
\"How do you change the system?
Asked Tom Ratley of P & G;
Deputy director of the company packaging.
\"The system is something the public buys and throws away.
\"If consumers do not buy goods, the company will not be motivated to produce socially conscious packaging. P&G;
Rattray said, \"would be more than willing to put the eco-friendly packaging on the shelf, but it doesn\'t do any good if no one buys it and takes it home.
\"One problem is that these guys are hard to find,\" he pointed to a small box of softener concentrates . \".
The boxes are vying for the attention of larger packaging, which manufacturers traditionally use bulk packaging to squeeze competitive products out of grocery store shelves.
In addition, consumers who shop by looking at the unit price may think that the concentration is more expensive. (
The unit price of concentrate is $4.
$31 per quart, compared to $1.
Ordinary softener products that have been added with water are 85 per quart.
But when adding water into the concentrate to make the softener product, the price drops to $1. 45. )
The survey seems to show that consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly packaging and products.
Said Paul J.
Kaldjian, a senior staff member of the Environmental Protection Bureau\'s urban solid waste project, said, \"there is no doubt that consumers also use wallets or indicate in these surveys that they want something convenient.
It always seems convenient.
\"Regulators and lawmakers may need to redefine what is an acceptable level of convenience for society,\" he said.
\"Now, almost nationwide, littering is unacceptable,\" Kaldjian said, for example . \".
Another potential problem is that consumers may resist restrictions on the use of disposable products as a violation of their way of life.
They need to think about alternatives, says Kaldjian.
\"My experience tells me that if we continue to waste, our living standards will definitely drop,\" he said . \".
\"I think there is a misconception about the standard of living and what it means.
\"Very few manufacturers and retailers will take risks beyond the preferences of their customers, especially if they are not sure if the market will reward their citizens with a good environment.
There are some signs of change.
In Canada, major record companies voluntarily agreed to cancel the CD \"long box\" in response to environmental concerns \". The U. S.
However, the record industry has also produced strong resistance to the seemingly simple step of reducing excessive packaging.
According to Jim Murphy, executive director of administration and finance at the retailer\'s Association, the industry here sees CD\'s current packaging as a major marketing tool.
National Assn, January.
The recorder passed a resolution against any change in packaging.
Retailers used to count on record albums for the same marketing service, Murphy said.
\"Americans are a browser country\" and they exercise this tendency by browsing the album.
Customers look at the records to decide what tapes to buy, he said.
Now, they look through a box of CDs to get guidance, with sales of up to $2 in addition to helping sell tapes.
In 1989, they owned £ 69 billion alone, the fastest growing part of the industry.
If packed with something closer to their size, the tape and cd are too small for the eyes
Capture graphics that help sell audio productsS.
Retailers compete.
\"It\'s hard to sell tapes in most record stores.
That\'s why retailers like to keep the CD \"long box\", says Murphy \".
Another reason is that the long boxes are neatly placed. -two across--
In the old record box.
The size of the package also makes it more difficult for shops to shop.
\"Environment in the self
The service store is like this, and if the CD is only in a \"jewelry box\", it is a very steal item, said Floyd Glinert, executive vice president of marketing at Shorewood Packaging.
The jewelry box is a clear plastic container for storing the CD itself.
The industry has tested placing electronic sensitive targets on CDs to reduce theft, he said, but there are no systems that are generally available.
Glinert said his company is producing packaging using recycled cardboard for some customers. Paul R.
CBS record distribution President Smith said CBS is using recyclable materials and has set up a window in the middle of the company
Price and budget
He said that the line CD package reduced the amount of packaging by about the third.
The long box could eventually become a unique American product.
Do not use it in Europe.
But American industries want to keep it.
Sal Licata, president of EMI wrote: \"We can get higher visibility through our products, and we can maintain higher visibility as a business (USA)
In the latest issue of the bulletin board Magazine
Ultimately, the business world could be put into action by state regulators.
According to the proposal made by the Northeast governors Union (CONEG), six states introduced legislation prohibiting certain toxic materials in packaging.
The alliance is also trying to agree on a uniform definition of \"reducing sources\" and is looking at the feasibility of the standard ratio of the package planto-product size.
\"Industry is developing with these initiatives because, in addition to doing so, another option is to ban outright,\" said Hershkowitz of the Natural Resources Conservation Commission . \".
According to P & G, the real issue of reducing sources;
Rattray, is: \"Who needs to change?
The answer is that everyone needs to change.
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