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by:HongXing     2020-08-08
Only one plastic toothbrush does a better job of cleaning teeth than the old one
Based on the first comprehensive attempt to evaluate the equipment used by about 55 million Americans, this is an old-fashioned manual type.
According to the Oxford-based independent nonprofit Cochrane Collaboration report, a brush with two-way rotating bristles is the only England that provides sufficient evidence of any advantage over a regular toothbrush to assess medical practice.
\"Others are not bad, but they are not better than manual brushes,\" said William Shaw, a professor of orthodontics at the University of Manchester, UK, who helped coordinate the Cochrane Collaboration Oral Health team\'s report.
The report is a series of recent reports released by Cochrane Collaboration on all aspects of medicine and dentistry that have never been carefully evaluated.
As part of the \"evidence\" campaign
\"Cochrane and other organizations began to evaluate many long-term
Procedures and treatments that have never been shown to be effective and widely used.
Xiao believes that this is a particularly important issue in the field of dentistry.
\"Many dentists work in isolation in their own small private offices, and they tend to be bombarded by manufacturers who produce dental products,\" Shaw said . \" He published his report yesterday at a conference sponsored by the Forsyth evidence center.
Dentistry in Boston.
\"Overall, more evidence is needed for dentistry, and the best source is this unbiased synthesis,\" he said . \".
\"In fact, there are hundreds of questions we don\'t know the answer.
\"To evaluate electric toothbrushes, six reviewers combed through every public study on these devices and asked manufacturers to provide the results they did not publish.
The team then combined 29 studies that were well designed to produce data involving 2,547 people in North America, Europe and Israel.
Of the five brushes examined, only the \"rotational oscillation\" design of Braun\'s mouth
The researchers concluded that the B device is obviously more effective than a manual toothbrush.
This design removes about 11% of builds compared to manual brushes
The development of gum disease or gum inflammation in teeth known as plaque is reduced by about 17%.
None of the other brushes have been evaluated--
Philips Sonicare sonic vibration toothbrush, which is good for Dentiphant and plaque Dentacontrol plus, Interplak, Teledyne Aqua Tech, Ultrasonex, Rowenta-
Shaw says it performs better than a manual brush.
Michelle Sina, a spokeswoman for Gillette.
This makes Brown spoken
B said the company was \"excited\" about the findings \".
\"This basically confirms our own research for 40 years,\" she said . \"
According to Gillette, Braun products are the choice of 41% Americans using electric toothbrushes.
Christopher McInnes, chief scientist in Clinical Affairs, Philips Oral Health
Wash it in snoquarmi.
Manufacturers of Sonicare electric toothbrushes have questioned the findings.
Sonicare brush has an up-and-
Downward movement, he says, is equally effective and gentle for gums.
\"We have evidence that Sonicare can indeed significantly reduce plaque and gum inflammation,\" he said . \".
Consumers in North America are estimated to cost $1.
According to Gillette, there are 5 billion toothbrushes each year, including about $0. 85 billion in manual toothbrushes and about $0. 7 billion in electric toothbrushes.
The price of a simple battery ranges from around $7.
The more sophisticated rechargeable type of operating mode is over $80.
Toothbrush manufacturers do not need to submit evidence of the effectiveness of their equipment to the Food and Drug Administration prior to listing as they are considered low
Susan Runner, head of the department that the FDA oversees dental equipment, said the risk device.
So, \"These comments are very helpful in trying to sort out the literature,\" said Isabel Garcia, special assistant to the National Institute of Dentistry and cranial facial studies for scientific transfer, part of the National Institutes of Health.
\"I think it is necessary for both clinicians and the public.
Kenneth Burrell, senior director of the Scientific Affairs Committee of the American Dental Association, said his team would \"make sure our members are aware of the existence of the study \".
\"ADA did a lot. . .
Educate its members on new concepts of evidence
\"It is based on dentistry,\" he said.
Eugene Giannini, a dentist in the area, said he tends to recommend Borang\'s mouth
B. The toothbrush is given to most of his patients, but other brands may also continue to be recommended-
Despite new discoveries
\"Electric toothbrushes are generally better than traditional toothbrushes.
Patients tend to brush longer.
\"Since they have invested in this toothbrush, they tend to be more committed to oral hygiene,\" he said . \".
But one of Giannini\'s patients, 34-year-old accountant Dorothy O\'Neill, said she was transferred from the oral hospital in Braun.
B. because she didn\'t like the feeling of Braun on her gums, she brushed an ultrasound.
\"It looks a little too rough.
\"It seems like it must have been my gums getting worn out,\" she said . \".
She was surprised to find new findings, but she did not think she would switch back from Sonicare.
\"It looks like it has to be better than a regular toothbrush, and it doesn\'t look like you\'re polishing it. . .
Your gums, \"she said.
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