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by:HongXing     2020-07-16
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Electric toothbrushes are becoming more and more common --
In the bathroom today.
This is partly due to the steady decline in manufacturing costs, improvements in design, competition between brands for market share, and most importantly the final cost of electric toothbrushes in stores.
You can buy the latest, high
Technology, charging electric toothbrush up to $200.
00, or you can buy a battery-powered toothbrush for two or three dollars.
The type of electric toothbrush you choose will depend on your specific needs and/or budget.
Why is the study of electric toothbrushes showing that the use of electric toothbrushes (
With rotating brush head)
Compared to the use of a manual toothbrush, more than 10% of the debris particles are removed from the teeth.
The study also shows that rechargeable electric toothbrushes, toothbrushes equipped with sonic technology, and or super
Sonic technology can penetrate and remove patches and debris from 4 to 5mm below the gum line.
For people with more than 3mm deep periodontal bags inside and outside the gum line, sound waves or ultrasound
Sonic electric toothbrushes can be a very effective tool for flushing areas of problems that are hard to reach.
Regular brushing with a manual toothbrush does not remove any debris accumulated below 3mm deep.
For people with limited movement of their hands or limbs due to arthritis, injury or any other movement restriction, electric toothbrushes can indeed improve the quality of life.
Sonic electric toothbrushes such as Sonicare, Braun or Oral-
B. It\'s a good choice for people wearing bras.
Sonicare is a popular choice.
Battery power (spin brush)
Type, electric toothbrushes are great for kids as they are easier to use and more fun than traditional toothbrushes, which can also greatly improve their oral hygiene.
For those who shrink their gums because of \"brushing their teeth too hard. Yes;
It is possible to brush too hard.
Aggressive brushing will wear out the gum tissue and the gums will subside over time.
There is a feature on some electric toothbrushes to solve this situation.
They are under a lot of pressure.
The sensor will tell you when you brush your teeth too hard.
When you become your electric toothbrush, you will naturally start using it as if it were your normal manual toothbrush.
Traditional brushing exercises, in addition to enhancing strength, will also clean your teeth, gums and tongue as before. However;
This is not how to use your electric toothbrush, especially if it is a sonicare type toothbrush.
Open cleaning and stains-
Destroying the power of the sonic plastic toothbrush, you have to loosen the grip of the handle a little and let the brush head slide along the teeth and gums under very little pressure.
This slow and thoughtful movement on the teeth and gums line will focus the cleaning power of the brush head on the desired area.
Slow and thoughtful movements should be used to rotate-
Head plastic toothbrush.
There are many different types of battery powered and rechargeable electric toothbrushes to choose from.
To some extent, all toothbrushes have the effectiveness of superior to manual toothbrushes.
It is worth noting that the Sonicare electric toothbrush has been clinically proven to be very effective in removing stains on the surface of the teeth;
This is also true for most Sonic toothbrushes. The Oral-
B. The professional series of electric toothbrushes are well received for their excellent cleaning ability and ease of use.
Some popular electric toothbrushes for charging and battery-powered-
B. professional care Smart Series 4000 Sonicare flexible arm and hammer Rotary brush ProOral B. VitalityColgate Rotary Brush plastic toothbrush disadvantages charging and battery
If the rechargeable electric toothbrushes are not properly maintained, they may stop working together.
Finding a repair center or buying a replacement can be expensive and time consuming.
In addition, brush head replacement can also be an expensive activity.
Even though they both look and feel strong, they tend not to last that long, about three years of regular use, if you have a good one.
A battery-powered toothbrush usually has one or two AA batteries;
This is only enough power for a week or so.
They are also not convinced in the power sector.
Disposable electric toothbrushes also lack power and ability.
With all the innovations in the electric toothbrush industry, good oral health is becoming easier and easier to achieve.
Cheaper costs and more variety make it easier for the public to use electric toothbrushes.
Investing in electric toothbrushes is like investing in health.
This is always a wise investment.
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