Drive less, ditch electric toothbrush: U.N. climate tips

by:HongXing     2020-08-04
ROME (Reuters)-
In the United States, improving home insulation, reducing the use of cars, and even giving up electric toothbrushes can help people in rich countries cut greenhouse gas emissions by half. N.
Reported Thursday.
\"Climate adoption-
According to 202 of the data, a friendly lifestyle does not require drastic changes or significant sacrifices. page U. N.
Environmental Planning (UNEP)
Entitled \"Change the habit of carbon dioxide: The United StatesN.
A guide to climate neutrality \".
It was issued in honor of the United States. N.
On the annual World Environment Day in June 5, it outlines ways for people to cope with global warming, such as packing lighter suitcases while flying or jogging in a park, rather than on an electric treadmill.
The United States accuses the world of greenhouse gas emissionsN.
There are about 4 global heating climate teams.
5 tons per person in 6 countries around the world.
Population 7 billion.
Most of the efforts to mitigate climate change have focused on the role of the government --
Emissions rules or building regulations such as cars or power plants to help avoid projected impacts such as drought, heat waves, stronger storms or rising sea levels.
Few people pay attention to how individuals do it themselves.
\"Grow exponentially around the world and take action 6.
\"7 billion people, the public has the right to change the future, have the right to influence the economy individually and collectively to \'change the habit of CO2, \'\" said Achim Steiner, head of UNEP \'. \".
The guide outlines the methodology for people in Europe, Australia and North America
Major factors contributing to global warming in history
Cut their emissions by half.
In the case of carbon dioxide and their savings (CO2):—Use a wind-
Alarm clock instead of electric alarm clock: 48 grams of carbon dioxide per day-
Dry clothes on the washing line instead of in the tumble dryer: 2. 3 kg each load. —
Pack a lighter suitcase.
It says that if passengers per airline reduce the weight of their luggage to less than 2 million and purchase duty-free goods upon arrival, the world will save 20 kg tons a year. —Use a non-
: 48 grams per day. —
Heat the rolls with a toaster instead of an oven for 15 minutes: 170 grams of carbon dioxide per time. —
Commute 8 km: 1 per day, by train instead of by car. 7 kg CO2 a day. —
On average, British households can reduce carbon dioxide by 2 tons per year through more efficient insulation, heating and lighting.
Reduce heating in winter: reducing the temperature by several degrees can save 6% of the energy cost. —
Avoid \"carbon emissions\": a return flight across the Atlantic is equivalent to driving a car for each passenger for one year. —
For the latest Reuters Environment blog, please click on: blog. reuters.
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