drinking water containers - the shocking facts about plastic bottled water

by:HongXing     2020-05-02
The best option for drinking water containers is glass, but sometimes it seems impractical.
At other times, you may want a drinking water container that can also be used as a filter.
This is a particularly good idea when you are traveling.
But here we will focus on why glass is better.
First of all, there is taste.
If the taste is better, you are more likely to spend more.
This is one of the best things you can do for your overall health.
You may not be aware of this unless you try, but the plastic container affects the smell and taste.
Security is next.
If you use a household filtration system, that\'s because you want to remove hazardous chemicals and contaminants that normally flow through the faucet.
The general plastic container is made of polymer similar to plastic-polycarbonate, but the strength is getting bigger and harder to break.
One of the compounds used in the manufacture of polycarbonate is biphenol A, which is usually abbreviated as BPA.
When it sits in a water container made of this material, BPA penetrates into the liquid, affecting taste and purity.
BPA was suspected to be harmful to humans in the 1930 s, but no proper replacement for this compound was found, so it is still in use.
Due to the slight leakage, most people think it is safe until recent studies have shown that regular intake of small amounts over a period of time results in the same effect as a large intake.
In other words, in rare cases, it may be possible to use plastic or polycarbonate when the situation requires it, but in daily life you should avoid using them.
You see, once BPA is taken in, it destroys the function and production of your own hormones, just like hormone estrogen.
The function of the endocrine system, including the thyroid gland and other glands, has also been destroyed.
This can lead to severe symptoms that are difficult for children to understand, from irritability to permanent changes in the genitals.
The safest option if you have kids is to use impact-
Glass resistant juice and formula.
While this is a controversial topic, what is the point of risk taking when the industry announces that its safety and health organization is looking for a ban?
In adults, BPA is associated with increased risk of breast and prostate cancer.
This chemical is used, among other things, to pack canned food.
The CDC decided to do some testing in 2004.
They found that this chemical was present in 95% of the sampled adults.
It may be difficult to avoid completely, but you can get a drinking water container that does not contain BPA.
This is the latest issue with plastic containers, but not the only one.
Phthal acid salts can also pollute the liquid stored in the polymer bottle.
Although it is not as dangerous as other chemicals, it has a similar effect on the human body, and the safety of exposure has been repeatedly questioned.
Now, you see why I say glass drinking water containers are the best choice.
Always put health first.
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