Delegates test drive first toothbrush with bluetooth

by:HongXing     2020-08-02
UK dental conference and exhibition in Manchester this year
B. launch a new test drive power brush trial plan;
SmartSeries plastic toothbrush with Bluetooth 4. 0 connectivity;
And Cross action brush head.
Test drive allows multiple users to experience spoken English-
B. strength and speaking
B use toothpaste with shared handles in a hygienic manner. Oral-
B designed and produced special handle and refill with triple protection-
System: The sealing plug-in the refill brush head works with the handle, helping to prevent saliva from entering the handle;
The specially designed protective cover work combined with the sealing system helps to provide additional protection against the stain of the handle;
Cleaning and disinfection procedures ensure hygiene is used next time.
The new cross-action brush is oral.
B. The most advanced power brush head so far has perfect angle brush hair and better cleaning performance. Oral-
B. The new SmartSeries plastic toothbrush is the world\'s first interactive plastic toothbrush with Bluetooth 4. 0 connectivity.
New toothbrush connecting mouth-
Provide real app
Time guidance when brushing teeth-record brushing activities as data-then patients can share with dental professionals to help create smarter, more personalized brushing routines.
The Cross action brush head will be available in the UK on July 2014, and the SmartSeries electric toothbrush with Bluetooth 4 will also be available.
UK Limited retailers will sell 0 connections starting in 5 years.
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