decorating clear plastic storage boxes

by:HongXing     2020-08-22
Most plastic boxes are either clear plastic or pure white plastic.
This is a very boring box if it is lying around the house (
For example in children\'s room)
You look ugly at the end.
Luckily, I have some cool tips on how to organize these boxes into a trendy piece of furniture.
When the kids drive you crazy, let them decorate the box for you.
Kids usually like drawers and cropped stuff, so I recommend some permanent markers, colored sticky paper and regular sticker packs.
Take everything out of the box and let the kids think first about what the theme is in the box they want: superheroes, recycling, monsters, families, etc.
Then relax the kids with markers and stickers.
Sticky paper can be cut into shape to make background pictures around the entire clear plastic storage box.
Picasso\'s box can also help children or do it by themselves.
First of all, you need to go out and buy some plastic-Friendly Painting, masking tape and 2-3mm thick card (
Although paper can be done).
Choose a color to spray your entire storage box.
After spraying dry, you can freely spray manually on the design, or you can cut the shape from the card as a template.
You should end up with a very professional decorative plastic storage box or box.
For large plastic storage boxes, consider drawing a picture along one side to really give it some personality.
These boxes with new life are great in the kitchen or bathroom.
Timely policy can save 9. . .
Plastic storage boxes using cloth or fabric have a warmer feel than plastic.
It can make your box an attractive part of the kitchen or living room.
Simply measure a piece of cloth that can fold all sides, then cut it down and sew it into a cloth \"box\" and put your box inside.
Hot glue gun or strong fabric glue can fix the cloth box in the appropriate position.
If you are not part of the sewer, you can cut the required fabric into the correct length and stick it around the box.
These are just the beginning of many ways you can use to decorate your storage box.
No matter what method you choose to use, the key is to be creative and stick to it.
You can always redesign if you don\'t like the first design.
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