Could these dissolving tabs banish plastic bottles from our cupboards? They can hold everything from soap to fabric softener – just add water!

by:HongXing     2020-04-30
A leading cosmetics company has created a small label like the size of a tea bag that can spell the end of a shampoo bottle.
According to P & G, these squares may end the plastic crisis forever. P & G is the giant behind brands like Ariel and Pantene.
The new concept DS3 allows consumers to choose a white \"watch\" that becomes detergent like magic when water is added.
To wash your hair with one of the products, you can rinse your hair with water using a square piece of material instead of relying on plastic bottle shampoo or conditioner.
Most of these pads are used at once and dissolve when added to the water.
They were made using Procter & Gamble\'s patented manufacturing process, and Procter & Gamble spent ten years working with experts to conceive the idea.
Different types of detergents come with pictures to show their intended use.
For example, the shampoo has a picture of a person\'s hair, the laundry detergent has a picture of the shirt, and the toilet cleaner has a picture of the toilet.
The idea behind this concept is to drastically reduce the waste of plastic and reduce the environmental impact of cleaning products.
Samples of the products have been shipped to a small number of buyers in the United States.
The test price is $29 ($22) for a box of 120 personal care labels, including shampoo, conditioner, wash face and shower gel.
Other cleaning and beauty products in the series include hand sanitizer, toilet cleaner, laundry detergent, surface cleaner and shower gel.
For surface cleaners, mixing a pod into a bottle of water should last for several weeks.
From pineapple to mint and sandalwood, they have a variety of aromas.
According to Chief Researcher Kathy fish, because the samples are water-free, their production eliminates 80 of the weight generated by conventional cleaning products and 75 of emissions, P & G\'s development and innovation officer
At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Fish said: \"This technology can change many product categories. One liquid-
Free swatch is better than water
Cleaning products.
She also said that the wide application of this technology in the United States will help reduce 1 million plastic bottles per year.
It can also reduce the 12 million-pound CO2 produced by 100,000 trucks, as well as the 0. 8 billion gallons of water needed to manufacture, transport and use daily household and personal care products.
\"Compared with ordinary household cleaning products, the weight of the pods is also much lighter, and the transportation cost is much cheaper.
They\'re all-
Natural ingredients, no preservatives, in bamboo boxes.
Ms. Fish added: \"From the perspective of scarcity of resources, this is indeed a breakthrough.
There is no plastic here. these are bamboo containers. they are completely plastic. free.
Consumers want more natural products.
\"This concept was put forward after the Daily Mail turned the tide of the plastic movement.
As part of an important cleaning activity, readers visited the beach and the Park
The government has announced a bottle deposit return plan, which will be implemented in the UK in 2023, and a ban on plastic straws and cotton ear plugs.
One day, P & G may use new technology to dramatically reduce the amount of plastic used in British homes.
Until now, before the wider launch, the series has been sold to more than 400 US customers on Indiegogo, a site that tests new products through crowdfunding. Eco-
The friendly cosmetics chain, Lush, launched its first package-
Sarah Reni and Jack huford shop free for Daily Mail
Friendly cosmetics company Lush will launch its first ever packagingfree shop.
As part of the war on scrap plastics, it will open a \"naked\" store on Market Street in Manchester, where there are no packaged items.
This is part of the retailer\'s campaign against plastics, especially the single plastic
As the Daily Mail has highlighted in the plastic movement, the use of plastic can clog waterways and destroy wildlife habitat. Lush co-
Founder Mark Konstantin said: \"We have had to bear too much packaging for a long time.
Financial and environmental costs are obvious.
Converting gel and liquid to solid is the secret to selling plastic-free toiletries.
The result is an array of rainbows-
Looks like a soap strip, but cosmetics that are colored from solid shampoo and conditioner to facial serum.
\"A shampoo bar can be used about 100 times,\" said Lush.
Alessandro so, the inventor of the product, said: \"For example, we have extracted the ingredients of the shower gel and turned them into solid sticks by removing water and adding vitamin C to make the liquid thick and hard white powder.
Solid products need to be activated in a different way than traditional toiletries.
Mr. commissar said: \"For example, massage sticks, facial balm and cleaners work in the event of a fever in the body.
Other products need to be activated with water like our shampoo stick.
Once you rub them onto your wet hair, they will bubble like a bottle of shampoo.
To make up for the lack of packaging, all label information for each product is stored in a free app called Lush Labs.
Shoppers can take home in their own containers, or the store offers paper bags, metal soap boxes or trays made from recycled coffee pots.
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