concord misfires in plastic bottle war

by:HongXing     2020-05-02
The thirst of Concord, the suffering of the masses.
According to a bylaws generated by a complex reasoning, a person who walks into a shop in that town for hydration can buy a bottle of plastic bottle soda, but what a nutritionist says is not a bottle of similar drink: water.
This is because Concord has become the first city in the United States to ban the sale of services.
Size of bottled water.
That is enough to make New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg cry, and his proposed ban on the sale of large amounts of soda will be in a critical vote this week.
However, there is much in common between the two ideas.
Both represent a sincere attempt to fight against social ills.
In the case of New York, obesity;
Plastic bottles in the landfill pile up in Concord.
There is a lack of consistency between the two (
For example, the soda method will allow a lot of other drinks that contain more calories)
Is an unwelcome interference in the market.
Both started in a city, but both had national ambitions.
There are multiple factors in the popularity of bottled water: a misconception that all bottled water is safer or purer than what comes out of the tap; convenience; flavor;
Concerns about the chlorine or fluoride of tap water;
Marketing a stylish image for bottled water.
Americans from 2.
5 million plastic bottles per hour, according to Boston University, NASA and other sources;
More than 70% of the garbage is thrown away rather than recycled.
Of course we can do better.
In Sweden, more than 80% of plastic bottles are recycled, in part because of public service activities that Sweden can follow.
Some towns provide recycling bins next to or above the sidewalk trash can.
Cities that classify household waste by themselves are more recyclable than those that rely on residents to collect. Well-
Maintenance of public water dispensers and vending machines, which can provide a filtered cold water supply, will encourage more reuse of bottles.
A larger deposit on the bottle will help.
Do those kids who take part in Saturday morning sports really need separate plastic bottles to throw away instead of team cooler and reusable bottles?
But the new charter of Concord is an issue of unnecessary interference and inconsistency.
Plastic bottles containing soda are no less damaging to the environment than plastic bottles containing soda.
Why pick one instead of the other?
Why is it mandatory to facilitate
Looking for customers who forget to reuse bottles choose fewer bottleshealthy option?
Of course, this is a small town with less than 18,000 people, but this is not the tourism policy we would like to seecountry.
We are a performance driven culture that uses plastic food containers to ensure continuous improvement.
Above all, we expect to be a credit to the communities we serve, a valuable resource to our customers, and a place where our dedicated plastic food containers can grow and prosper.
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