Clean your water bottle: study finds bacteria in water storage containers

by:HongXing     2020-05-20
Researchers studying the higher incidence of intestinal diseases in the Inuit community sent a message to all Canadians: cleaning water bottles and storing containers.
\"People don\'t really think about it,\" says Sherilee Harper.
The authors of the study were recently published in the journal Environmental Science and Pollution Research.
\"You know, it\'s just the water that goes into the container, so you don\'t think it\'s cleaned on a regular basis.
I have to tell you that after we did the research, of course I cleaned the water bottle more often than before.
\"Rigolet, the University of LabradorThe Guelph research team sampled from drinking water stored in 104 containers in 76 households in the Inuit community in Labrador Rigolet.
It has about 300 people.
Water, usually from several treatment point units by province --
Risk of water system.
These devices include reverse osmosis and ultraviolet rays for purification.
But more than one
Lead researcher Carlee Wright said 25 of the first household samples taken by Rigolet in 2014 detected positive bacteria, indicating fecal contamination.
These contamination rates have risen 13 times when using smaller containers or \"oil feet\" to drink water.
\"When they collect water from the station, the water that will initially be very clean will be re-contaminated if the container itself is not clean,\" Wright said . \".
\"We tested water stored in almost all homes in Rigolet and found that there were indicated bacteria in about the first quarter, suggesting that there may be fecal contamination.
Wright said: \"This infectious nature may help explain the incidence of reported vomiting, diarrhea and other diseases related to long-term health effects such as intestinal diseases.
\"We do find more than 2 incidence of intestinal disease or acute intestinal disease.
\"Four boxes per person per year,\" she said of Rigolet . \".
This is two to six times the incidence of similar diseases in other parts of Canada and countries such as the United States. S.
Chile, Argentina, Cuba, China, Poland and Italy, Harper said.
Charlie Flowers, a resident of CulpritRigolet, said he and his family always blamed the attack on stomach worms or some food that did not agree with us.
\"We didn\'t even think that the water we drank might be the culprit.
\"The 34-year-old spent his entire life living in the Rigolet area.
His family uses tap water for cleaning, he says, but prefers water from the community distribution unit for drinking and cooking.
\"When we are on land, or when the water distribution device is closed for repair, we collect water from the stream, melted snow, homemade wells, and even shops from time to time
He said in an email.
\"We prefer the taste of the water for the distribution unit, not the taste of the tap water, because it has a clearer color and has no chlorine taste of the tap water.
\"Flowers first raise the question of whether the stored water collected from the distribution device installed in 2014 poses a risk to health.
Wright said the survey helped launch the study, which was largely a community effort.
Public education is the key, she stressed.
Once the result is to urge residents to clean the container and drips with a bleach solution, the poster will appear on Rigolet in order to rinse thoroughly afterwards.
Provide stickers for storage containers to remind cleaning once a month or more.
These results are far beyond the reach of Inuit and other remote communities, Wright said.
\"If you have a water dispenser in your home, or a water tank in your refrigerator, I think these principles and information about cleaning containers still apply to everyone.
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