bullying has nothing to do with a \'my little pony\' lunch box

by:HongXing     2020-06-24
It is said that Grayson Bruce was bullied at school.
According to his mother, he was picked, pushed, and even told to go home and die.
Because he has a lunch box for my pony.
When his mother brought it to the attention of the school, they had a simple solution.
Maybe it can solve all the bullying problems in the school.
They told the young man that he was not allowed to bring the lunch box to school.
No one will bully the child like this.
Because when a \"girl\" lunch box disappears, there is no reason to pick a child.
As far as I know, there is no documented punishment for bullies.
Because the school didn\'t listen, my mother went to the media.
It is becoming a story of a virus.
I know the story of viral bullying.
Six months ago, I helped a story about bullying go viral.
Because a woman named Karen Suffern came to my Facebook page for help.
As I read the review about the \"My Pony\" situation, I read the review by Matt Walsh, one of my favorite writers.
I have to say that he is one of the most talented writers. If not the most)
But I rarely agree with him.
I wish I had his talent, and I think he communicated well.
But his opinion is different from mine, but I can respect his work.
He wrote an article today and he felt he was going to be a minority in his opinion.
He said he would never let his son wear his \"My Pony\" backpack and walk back and forth on bullying and gender issues --
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Very good-written (
Like all his work)
But I totally disagree with him.
I think his point of view is consistent with most people, but I can\'t have more different opinions about him.
In my opinion, he missed the meaning of the backpack/lunch box/pony. Many people do.
You see, if a child doesn\'t bring a \"my pony\" backpack/lunch box, then they are bullied for something else.
Bullying has nothing to do with lunch boxes.
If this is not a lunch box then it will be for their weight, height, gender or skin color.
Of course, the \"My Pony\" backpack/lunch box is usually for a girl in the eyes of society.
Now that it\'s not 1963 now, I hope people can see the boys can play with the kitchen, Cook and girls can play with the military.
In the eyes of society, having and building confidence in others should be higher.
When I was a kid, I looked at the Jem and the holographic pictures.
I watched the episode of Sweet Valley.
I have friends with men and women.
I like sports too.
What does it matter?
Not when you realize the bully is a bully.
The school does not seem to understand this.
They have this mentality of \"boys will be boys\" and \"Girls will be girls\", which is basically a responsibility to parents and managers.
They hate people messing with their flow.
Just as it is an interference for an administrator to deal with a problem without going back to it.
The school should just say, \"Hey, Grayson can bring his backpack with him if he wants, and they will be fired if someone picks him. \" Done!
Because if it\'s not \"my pony \". . .
What other items are he not allowed to have? Frozen? Doc McStuffins?
If it\'s not a backpack/lunch box/pony it\'s something else.
I thought of my son what would happen if he had a \"my pony\" lunch box.
Now he likes trucks and cars.
He looks at Toy Story and Cars. He is 4.
He does sports and goes out to play with all his classmates.
He is also clear about right and wrong.
He knows you don\'t need to beat someone for yourself.
This is the absolute last resort.
As an obese child, he knows that confidence is what I lack.
What if a girl came in with a GI.
Joe\'s lunch box and action chart?
What if a girl likes black instead of pink?
What if one\'s first lunch box was Sophia instead of \"My Pony?
None of this matters.
Until you understand the bully.
Bully weak-minded people.
Weak Child bullying-
Thought parents who have also bullied.
They hold on to those with weaknesses. -
Or a visible one.
Maybe the child is chubby, or small, or different from the color/religion of others.
We should teach our children confidence and tolerance instead of fighting back.
Reality? Sadly, no.
We are not living in a diverse society.
Anonymous people on the Internet will tell you this.
If you think boys are more important than respecting women, then you are misled.
If you think it is unacceptable to cry alone, then you are misled.
We are now living in the best of times, and I am concerned that the word \"bullying\" is being played down.
Not because of the seriousness of these cases, but because people are loosely shouting \"bullying \".
\"Because those who think that disagreement is bullying.
No, it\'s bullying to hit a child\'s lunch box.
This has nothing to do with the backpack/lunch box.
It\'s stupid to mention the \"Mustang\" and their documentary, because it\'s not like this in Grayson.
This is 9-year-
The old kid who was bullied at school was accused of bullying because he had a \"girl\" backpack/lunch box/something else.
I hope I can address all bullying issues by using the \"gender specific\" program.
When you know what these are. . let me know.
To be honest, my son may never have a \"my pony\" backpack.
If he does, then he is more powerful because he has the confidence to wear it every day.
I really don\'t care, he might do things that I might question or like things that I don\'t agree.
As a parent, I must have proper judgment.
If people choose him, then I will fight for him like I do for others.
This is not the point.
I don\'t care if my son has a backpack. . .
I refuse to raise a child and will pick someone because he is different from the public.
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