brits to get 5p for recycling plastic bottles — as michael gove ditches his throwaway cup

by:HongXing     2020-05-23
Michael Gove will announce the cash plan tomorrow. in-
Return to the plastic bottle program in order to kill the UK\'s \"one-time culture.
According to the plan, the British can get 5 p for each plastic bottle they return to the store.
At present, only more than half of all plastic bottles are recycled, but after consulting so-
The minister of environment is expected to launch a program called \"rewards and returns\" in Australia and Denmark
Britain has similar plans.
They will be the government-
The environmental year plan will be announced tomorrow.
When Mr. Gove walked into No10 yesterday, he showed off his new reusable coffee cup and is expected to announce measures to cut 2 as well.
Britain wastes 5 billion disposable coffee cups every year.
Theresa May yesterday pledged at the first cabinet meeting in the new year to \"oppose squandering resources --
Both public funds and natural resources \".
Ms. May is expected to announce plans to extend the 5 p plastic bag charge to all small stores.
At present, companies that employ less than 250 people can waive this fee.
The Prime Minister announced a consultation that a 5 p plastic bag tax would be levied on all stores, and is expected to say that the success of the program proves the effectiveness of state intervention.
Initiatives to tax disposable outbox and other disposable items may also be part of a new environment strategy.
The Prime Minister said the plan would send a \"clear message to the public that the government is committed to being the first generation to put the natural environment in a better state than inherited \".
Mr. Gove presented a reusable cup at yesterday\'s Cabinet meeting, demonstrating his commitment to recycling.
He was labeled hypocrites, though he was photographed holding a disposable coffee cup last month in a waste war.
Most take-out coffee cups are difficult to recycle due to the plastic coating inside.
He will set goals to emulate the success of the 5 p plastic bag tax, which resulted in a 90 reduction in use.
The Minister of Environment said the government was \"determined to address the one-time culture of plastic packaging \".
He will also receive funding from the foreign aid budget to help reduce global plastic consumption.
Mrs May announced plans last weekend to plant 50 million trees in the \"northern forest\" that runs along the M62 corridor between Liverpool and Hull over the next 25 years, in order to increase wildlife habitat including birds and bats, protect species such as red squirrels, and provide more access to woodland for millions of people living in the area.
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