Braun tops electric toothbrush test

by:HongXing     2020-07-31
A study of electric toothbrushes found that a brand of toothbrushes cleaner teeth than a manual toothbrush.
Cochrane Collaboration, a non-
The UK-based profit group evaluated the results of five major electric brushes.
The team evaluated medical practices.
The tissue found that electric brushes with two-way rotating bristles had an advantage over ordinary brushes.
It says the \"rotational oscillation\" of Braun\'s mouth\"
B. brushes are more effective than hand brushes.
\"The others are not worse, but they are not better (
Than ordinary brushes)
\",\" Said William Shaw, professor of orthodontics at the University of Manchester. Shaw co-
Coordinate research.
Six reviewers combed all published research on electric toothbrushes and asked manufacturers if they had any unpublished results.
The group merged 29 studies and was considered good
The design involves 2,547 people.
Other brushes of the study are: Philips Sonicare sonic vibration toothbrush Teledyne Aqua Tech Ultrasonex Rowenta good luck up to Dentiphant Dentacontrol PlusThe Braun brush head score higher than manual brush, because of the removal of plaque accumulation for more implementation and the reduction of the development of gums (gum disease).
\"Many dentists work alone. . .
They tend to be bombarded by manufacturers who produce products, \"Shaw said.
\"In general, more evidence is needed for dentistry.
Gillette, who made the Braun brush, said they were \"excited\" about the discovery \".
Philips objected to the findings.
\"We have evidence that Sonicare did remove plaque and reduce gum inflammation,\" said Christopher McInnes, a scientist at Philips oral care . \".
North American consumers spend $0. 7 billion a year on electric toothbrushes.
The price of simple batteries is from $7-
Cost of re-operation over $100
Type of charge.
The Dental Association says electric toothbrushes are generally better because they require people to brush their teeth longer and softer.
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