\'bpa\' plastic bottles: are they safe?

by:HongXing     2020-05-27
Are you worried that harmful chemicals in plastic containers will penetrate into it?
Is the plastic container poisonous?
Do you drink it in plastic water bottles?
Are you worried about the safety of plastic?
The information about the dangers of plastic containers caused fear and confusion.
Recently, I had a live health chat on MedHelp about the safety of plastic.
Dr. Joe Schwartz, scientistD.
The director of the Office of Science and Society at McGill University talked about \"the real truth about plastic: What you should and shouldn\'t worry about. \"While Dr.
Some plastics, such as Tupperware and rubber products, are safe, and others are made of biphenol (BPA)
However, he did not feel alarmed, which may raise some concerns.
There is a lot of information about the safety of plastic, and reading some of it can easily cause panic and confusion, but the most sensible step consumers can do for themselves is to stay calm and don\'t panic.
Collect facts and determine what is best for you.
Facts about double phenol (BPA)Bisphenol A (BPA)
Used in the manufacture of polyester plastic.
This type of plastic is used to make certain types of beverage containers, discs, plastic tableware, impact-
Safety protection equipment such as auto parts and toys.
Double phenol a epoxy resin is used for the protection lining of food cans, dental sealant and other products.
In general, low levels of exposure to BPA come from eating food or drinking water stored in containers containing BPA.
Children may be exposed with their hands. to-
Oral and direct oral (mouth)
Contact with materials containing BPA.
Dental treatment of double phenol
Containing sealant can also lead to a short period of timeterm exposure.
In addition, workers who produce products containing BPA may be exposed.
How does BPA enter the human body?
BPA can penetrate into the food from the epoxy lining of the can and consumer products (such as polyester tableware, food storage containers, water bottles and baby bottles.
When these products are heated at high temperatures, additional BPA traces can ooze out of these products.
During the live chat, the live audience asked about the safety of plastics containing chemicals that mimic estrogen that could lead to breast, uterine or ovarian cancer; Dr.
Schwtz replied that the plastics contain diphenol a and neighboring benzene ester, which are estrogen.
However, he said, we are \"exposed to estrogen compounds everywhere.
Soy contains estrogen, so does chickpeas, and of course milk!
Natural estrogen in milk is several thousand times stronger than BPA. \"Dr.
In his blog, chemical speech: the American Chemical commission, Schwartz wrote, \"an international panel of experts concluded that food is the primary source of biphenol (BPA)
The correlation between exposure and other sources was small.
Experts are also able to model the circulating levels of BPA in humans, which are very low, suggesting that BPA is not accumulating in vivo and is rapidly eliminated. \" -
World Health Organization (WHO), 2010U. S.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
But according to the United StatesS.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
On January 2010, the FDA announced the sharing of views on the National Toxicology Program (NTP)
Recent studies provide reasons for some to worry about the potential effects of BPA on the brain, behavior and prostate of the fetus, infants and children.
\"NTP\'s concern about the earlier effects of breast and puberty in females in the fetus, infants and children is minimal, in the current situation of human exposure to biphenol.
\"Information from real-time chat provided by Dr.
Here are questions from Schwartz and the audience.
You can read the full health chat about plastic safety on Medhelp.
\"The real truth of plastic: What should you and shouldn\'t worry about? Q: Is it safe to store food in plastic?
Is there a difference between a container purchased at the dollar store and a plastic container with a higher price? A: Dr.
There are many kinds of plastic containers.
Storage equipment for sale such as Tupperware and rubber maid (
I have nothing to do with both companies)
They are made of polyethylene or polypropylene.
However, I am not going to heat the ketchup in the old margarine tub as this is just a test for the storage of margarine.
In general, it is best to use in microwave ovens, oven glass or ceramics.
Q: KatscanSome vegetables are in the microwave.
Is it safe to use them?
How about storing food in Ziploc bags?
I always do this.
Am I exposed to BPA? A: Dr.
A bpa molecule that can be seen.
These are made of polyethylene and are the same as shopping bags, hula hoops, etc.
Q: Is it safer for newborns to use plastic or glass bottles?
I have heard conflicting reports and I am paranoid as a new mom. A: Dr.
You may have heard of Schwartz, Canada, and several states in some European countries and the United States. S.
Due to concerns about development, polycarbonate 7 in baby bottles has been banned.
This is based on the \"principle of prevention\", that is, if there is any risk, we should avoid substances, however, the principle of prevention must also be exercised in the exercise of the principle of prevention, this means that you have to make sure that the risk of replacement is less than the risk of your replacement.
I think we have glass in the baby bottle industry, which is definitely a good alternative. Bottom LineDr.
Schwartz talked about the \"precautionary principle\" in which the use of lower-risk alternatives is a good option, just like baby bottles.
Glass bottles are available and it is a good alternative to plastic bottles.
He also said that it is best to use \"glass or ceramics\" in a microwave oven.
He did not say that he stopped drinking water from water bottles and only bought BPA-free products.
In his live chat, he did say that plastics that mimic estrogen contain BPA.
He also added that we are \"exposed to estrogen compounds everywhere\" and milk, soy, chickpeas are some examples of these compounds.
\"Natural estrogen in milk is several thousand times stronger than BPA,\" he said in a live chat . \".
Although there is no clear and conclusive evidence that BPA is 100% harmful to your health, the FDA and the National Toxicology Program (NTP)
Recent studies provide reasons for some to worry about the potential effects of BPA on the brain, behavior and prostate of the fetus, infants and children.
NTP has little concern about the effects of early puberty on the breast and breast of females in the fetus, infants and children, and currently humans are exposed to biphenol.
What can you do to prevent exposure to BPA?
You can make personal choices to reduce exposure if you\'re worried: you\'re a smart, healthy consumer.
You can decide what is best for you.
Additional and Useful resourcesS.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Phenol A, National Toxicology Program (BPA)
National Toxicology Program (BPA)
National Toxicology Program
National Institute of Environmental Health Science
Guide to Family Health at Harvard Medical SchoolS.
Department of Health and public service. S.
Food and Drug Administration (Home Page)
Centers for Disease Control and PreventionS.
The Consumer Product Safety Committee of the Environmental Protection Association of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, we would be happy to hear from you.
Are you worried about the safety of plastic?
Do you use plastic containers?
Do you only use glass containers?
Are you concerned about the safety of BPA?
Do you buy products that do not contain BPA?
What type of container do you use to microwave your food?
As always, thank you for your time. (
For grammar and spelling, the live chat conversation has been edited and the content remains the same. )
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