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by:HongXing     2020-05-10
Over the years, some Americans have refused to drink anything that is not a plastic bottle, and they have begun to rethink their way of wasting water.
When their campaign began
David Usbourne reports a refreshing trend in which a hot afternoon sun draws lazy crowds to Union Square in Manhattan on August.
A loving couple pestered on a dusty lawn, the mother looked after the baby, the young man fled to the ipod, and the old woman sat on a bench with a paper fan.
At this high temperature, however, a prop combines human diversity: plastic bottles.
Don\'t mind having public fountains around the shady park every once in a while.
On this sultry afternoon they were alone and ignored, except for a nanny and baby playing with their fingers on the spout to see how far they could spray.
A newly purchased bottle of spring water is placed on the cup holder of the stroller in case any of them really need to quench their thirst.
Even ten years ago, the fountain was lined up. No longer.
Bottled water makes them almost redundant, just like a public phone goes through a mobile phone.
Without these modern accessories, we used to live well.
Today, they are vital to our happiness.
No one would suggest going back to pre-
Of course, the wireless era.
But as hot weather around the United States intensifies this summer, strong opposition to packaged water is on the rise.
Environmental activists, consumer activists and local political leaders are increasingly leading the summit.
The media is coaxing haha;
The beverage industry, which lost so much, began to scream.
The H2O militants, including the mayors of cities like New York, Salt Lake City and San Francisco, asked why it took your efforts
Buy premium brands such as Fiji, Polish springs, Aquafina and Dasani bottled water to earn cash, when things in the home faucet or public space fountain are very good, the quality control imposed by federal regulators on the public water supply here is, after all, much more stringent than the requirements for bottled water.
But it\'s not just a waste problem.
On the contrary, our main objection to bottled water is ecological.
It takes energy and oil to make these bottles, all of which lead to global warming.
Then there\'s a problem where you throw them when you\'re done.
According to most estimates, in the United States, consumers actually recycle less than the fifth empty bottle.
The rest of the landfill, they will take hundreds of years to break down.
In June, a public service advertising campaign was launched in New York to remind residents that the metropolis has the most primitive public water supply system in the country, all from the Catskill Valley, north of the Hudson Valley.
Just a week ago, the federal government postponed plans to build an expensive new filtration system for the city, as its water quality is still beyond reproach.
This week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg responded to a new controversy about where bottled water actually came from-neither a spring nor a glacier-repeating his view.
\"New Yorkers can turn on the tap at any time and fill up a glass of the most delicious water on Earth,\" he said . \".
\"I hope New Yorkers will continue to do this because drinking tap water, not bottled water, is easier not only on your wallet, but also on the environment.
\"The economic situation in the bottled water industry in the United States is alarming, and there is little indication that Mr Bloomberg or anyone else\'s\" Say No \"pleadings will have any impact.
Wholesale revenue from bottled water suppliers including beverage giants Pepsi and Coca-Cola in 2006
Coke over $11 (£ 5. 4bn).
It costs more than Americans go to the movies every year.
The industry will grow at about ten per cent a year.
Americans spend 8.
There were 25 billion gallons of bottled water last year.
Equally disturbing is the background story of how all this water is allocated.
More than 1 billion bottles of this are shipped around the United States every week.
That\'s a lot of waste gas.
To change this amount of water (which is a heavy commodity) you need a fleet of no less than 37,800Wheeler truck. It does-
The most popular bottle is small, slipperyin-your-
Backpack size, more plastic Chuck. The poster-
The child who packs hydration opponents is Fiji Water, a popular American brand that stands out to a certain extent because it is the most expensive and therefore the most fashionable.
It\'s usually $1.
Half a liter of 50, more expensive than gasoline.
Yes, there\'s more in the pocket.
The burning variety, best known as a brand called Bling H2O, is sold at a bar in the suburbs of New York for $55 a bottle.
Paris Hilton (of course) was found sipping on jewelry.
No one would deny that it is very obscene to spend so much money on the water.
It is also not entirely reasonable to buy Fiji water, as it does come from a remote corner of the island of the same name.
First, the bottle must be shipped there.
They are filled, transported by truck to the port, then transported by boat across the Pacific Ocean, and then distributed throughout the United States.
The best way to expand your carbon footprint drinks Fiji.
On this sunny day, 26-year-old actor Sean Gallagher from Los Angeles, New York took part in the audition and I hid in his backpack (Sean was selected, because he sat on a bench opposite the fountain in Union Square.
) Oops, there is: Fiji water.
\"I need a container,\" he said, almost immediately. And it is true;
Square Fiji containers with South Pacific flower patterns have a larger capacity than most competitors.
When he is done, he swears that he will replenish it with ordinary water.
Sean admitted that in his case, the purchase of Fiji was particularly ironic because he had three municipal water engineers who gave lectures to his uncle to keep him always informed of the purity of tap water.
\"I don\'t like this kind of yuppie crap about buying Fiji because of this brand.
Sitting next to him is Russell Avdek, a 21-year-old math student.
He avoided the fountain for the spring of Poland.
He also regrets that he often drinks tap water.
But he bought the bottle from a vendor across the park, \"because it\'s convenient. ” Fair enough.
He said he found it \"strange\" that people bought whole boxes of bottled water at the supermarket to take home.
He also said he would refuel from the tap.
Another Marilyn Smith, from New York, NEAs, is on a Christian mission, but is stuck by dogs.
Poke out of the bag is a bottle of Nestle Pure Life.
She said she would drink water from the fountain, but she was worried that \"big cities like this may not be hygienic \".
What she doesn\'t know, however, is that pure life is one of some of the leading brands of bottled water that don\'t look very much like that.
Last week, PepsiCo succumbed to pressure from a group called Corporate Responsibility International to change its label for the biggest water sports
Sell brands in the US.
So far, the three initials, PWS, have all told you that what\'s inside actually comes from the same source as the water in the kitchen.
In the future, the words \"public water source\" will be completely spelled out.
Other popular brands, if improved a little with extra filtration, have the Dasani of Coca Cola in addition to tap water, yes, pure life. “That is a rip-
MS Smith, who hates it, said.
Unreliable marketing of a number of types of bottled water has angered San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newson, who has just banned city employees from using public funds to purchase functions such as bottled water, meetings or meetings of any kind.
\"We have now revealed the fact that a large part of the bottled water in this country is tap water,\" he announced a few days ago . \".
Some of America\'s worst restaurants, including Chez Panisse and Larder, are also taking action to deny bottled water to customers.
Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, a town that is as proud of its water quality as New York City, has even banned firefighters from carrying bottled drinking water with them in case of emergency.
None of the major news shows in the United States have run bottled-
Over the past seven days, the story of water has focused particularly on the origins of brands like Aquafina. “Aquafina.
It sounds very nice, very delicate, very special. \"The other night, Katie courick said on the CBS Evening News.
\"You may think this is the biggest
Brands selling bottled water must come from special places.
Today we find that this is not the case. ” Ouch.
The industry believes consumers should be allowed to choose.
\"We think it\'s unfortunate, too --
\"Either fight,\" commented Joseph dos, president of the International Bottled Water Association.
\"We do feel like we have been attacked unfairly.
Meanwhile, the reporter will now return to Union Square, where the dog runs with his dog.
However, because the weather is still very hot, he will buy goods first.
A fresh bottle.
This is a product designed for four of us.
According to the company\'s website, \"start with natural water in alpine streams with unusually pure, clear and beneficial mineral content \".
I\'ll show you the rest.
(In fact, I will also let the dog not have to drink it.
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