Boat made of 12,000 recycled plastic bottles all set to sail

by:HongXing     2020-05-04
The ship was developed by David de Rothschild, who plans to sail from California to Sydney, Australia.
An explorer came up with a sailing boat called \"plastiki\", which consists of more than 12,000 recycled plastic bottles.
The ship, reportedly developed by David de Rothschild, plans to sail the extraordinary ship from California to Sydney, Australia.
Joining him will be a crew member including Captain Joe Royle.
Captain David Thomson, Josiah and Olaf Hailar.
\"We are leaving San Francisco for Sydney, sailing along the coast to San Diego and Baha\' I, and then catching takes us through the equator to the current and the winds of the Line Islands, Rothschild said.
\"We can\'t move against the wind.
We can only move downwind in Plastiki.
Our average speed is 5 to 6 knots, which is the speed of a typical jogger.
Therefore, our voyage will be equivalent to jogging in the Pacific Ocean . \"
Rothschild said that it was his inspiration to design the ship, \"we tried to meet the challenge from a unique perspective and look at what is in the world that the plastic threat is going to destroy.
A natural model of surface blistering is pomegranate.
It\'s small and tough, but they\'re soft and fragile when you cut it and get the seeds.
\"On Plastiki, the seed is the bottle.
Individually they are quite soft and fragile, but packed together they become floating, strong and stable.
\"This is the source of inspiration for Hull makeup,\" he added . \".
\"At one point, we introduced wires and plywood, but then we decided that we had to be loyal to our roads: the plastic bottle needed to be visible in its original form and it needed to be functional.
\"The ship needs to float and sail on recycled bottles,\" he explained . \".
\"This principle is at the heart of this project.
\"The bottles are present in their original form and the pressure is about 36 psi, which is equivalent to truck tires and contains carbon dioxide,\" he said . \".
There are only three floating cabins for an ordinary daily vessel, usually only one main hull to prevent water from flowing out.
If you damage the hull
Fiberglass, carbon fiber, glass-epoxy mix -
Basically sank your boat.
\"We let our ships rest on the buoyancy of all these bottles, 12-70% buoyancy
\"There are thousands more rooms,\" Rothschild said.
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