beyond the pail: npr unpacks the history of the lunch box

by:HongXing     2020-06-23
Our trade series tools are exploring some icons for schools and education.
It is made of shiny pink plastic with a little mermaid sticker on the front and I carry it with me almost every day.
My lunch box is one of my first precious items, and this is my proud statement to everyone in the kindergarten bubble: \"I love Ariel. \"(
Oh, so are my sandwiches. )
That bulky container was perfect for me in my first and second grades until the scene
The action version of 101 spotted dogs is released, I need-needed —
On the front are the latest red plastic boxes for Pongo and Perdita.
I know I\'m not alone.
I bet you like your first lunch box too.
Lunch boxes have been connecting children with cartoons, TV shows and superheroes for decades.
But that\'s not always the case.
They were not even boxes long ago.
Over the past century, lunch containers have evolved as schools have changed.
PailsLet\'s lunch time starts at the beginning of the 20 th century-
The beginning of the lunch box story, really.
Although there are neighborhood schools in cities and suburbs
School buildings with classrooms are common in rural areas.
As grandparents have been saying for generations, children will go to school in the countryside (often on foot).
\"You have children in the countryside who can\'t go home from school [for lunch]
Because it\'s too hard to go back and forth, wrap your lunch in cloth, wrap it in oil paper, and put it in a small wooden box or something like that, which is a long time --
Paula Johnson, director of Food History at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, DC, said: \"This is a traditional rural tradition . \"C.
On the other hand, the children of the city go home for lunch and come back.
Since they rarely bring Rice, the few metal lunch barrels on the market are mainly for businessmen and factory workers.
After World War II, a series of changes changed schoolsand lunches.
More women joined the labor force.
Small schools are merged into large schools, which means more students are farther away from home.
The National School Lunch Act of 1946 made the cafeteria more common.
Nevertheless, there are not many markets for lunch containers --yet.
Students carrying lunch are often in re-
Barrels or tin for some purpose.
Lunch box for a year, and then everything changed. Year: 1950.
You might as well call it the lunch box year, thanks in large part to the genius of Nashville.
Headquartered in Aladdin industrial company.
The company has made square metal lunch boxes that ship good workers, and some of them start to appear in the hands of the children at the school (
Lunch Bucket, lunch box).
But these containers are really durable for years.
This is great for consumers, not for manufacturers.
So Aladdin\'s executives came up with an idea to take advantage of the new popularity of television.
They painted the lunch box with eye-catching red paint and added a picture of the TV and radio cowboy Hopalong on the front.
The company sold 600,000 units in its first year.
It\'s a big deal-ha!
Other manufacturers have joined in to take advantage of new TV shows and movies.
\"The Partridge Family, the Adams family, the $ Six Million Man, The Bionic Woman --
Everything on TV ended up in a lunch box, \"said Alan Woodell.
He is the founder and curator of the lunch box Museum in Columbus, Georgia.
\"It\'s a good marketing tool because [kids]
\"I went to school with that TV show and then when they got home they brought them back to the TV,\" he said . \".
Yes, you read it right: there is a lunch box Museum near the chatahochi River.
Woodall has over 2,000 items on display. His favorite?
Green bumblebee lunch box because he used to listen to radio shows in his 1940 s.
New trends are also a good example of planned elimination, Woodall added.
Children beg for a new lunch box every year to keep up with the latest characters, even if their old lunch box (So long, Ariel! )
Very easy to use.
The metal lunch box boom lasted until the middle.
1980 s, when plastic (
Vinyl in a very short time)took over.
There are two theories about why. The first —
Most likely
Plastic is getting cheaper.
The second theory
It could be urban myth.
Parents in several states have proposed banning metal lunch boxes, claiming that children use them as \"weapons\" to attack each other.
There\'s a lot of information about a state on the Internet.
Extensive ban in Florida, but historians of the Florida National Historical Society are worth digging for a few days
Thank you, Ben DiBiase! )
No such legislation was found.
Anyway, there is no metal lunch box. (
Want to learn more about the golden age of metal lunch boxes?
Take a look at this episode of The Mystery Show podcast and dive deep into the lunch box
Inspiration for rabbit hole)
In the past few decades, a whole new world has brought about a new lunch box revolution.
Plastic boxes are insulated cloth bags, and in the end, globalization brings in containers from India and bento boxes from Japan.
Even the old metal backup equipment has been revived.
\"I don\'t think the heyday is over,\" said D . \"J.
Jayasekara, founder of the owner and lunch box.
A retailer in Pasadena, California
\"I think it has evolved.
Ready days-
\"You put it in the lunch box and take it to school\" is done.
He added: \"The appearance of the backpack makes the scene of the lunch box a bit circular.
When the children began carrying their schoolbags, it was difficult to put the bulky traditional lunch box inside.
\"But you can\'t throw the sandwich into the backpack,\" Jayasekara said . \".
\"It still has to go into a container.
\"That\'s part of why smaller, softer containers have taken off --
They are packed in backpacks.
Don\'t worry-
Whether it\'s a plastic lunch box or a bag lunch box, the container of the lunch box can still be easily labeled as a popular culture.
\"We are in sync with the film industry so that we can predict which characters will be popular in the coming months,\" said Jayasekara . \".
\"You know, a child is a child.
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