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by:HongXing     2020-05-28
As more and more people exchange plastic for Glass to store food, it is clear (get it)
See why glass containers are more popular than plastic containers.
Although glass food containers may be heavier and more fragile if they fall, they are also stronger and dirtier
Therefore, strong and durable.
The glass option is also microwave and can be used in the oven and dishwasher.
They\'re also BPA.
Free, less stains than plastic.
As it becomes more and more difficult to spend time cooking each night, the ability to cook in advance and store them in a container that remains fresh and leaking --
Prove to be more important.
These containers can be provided separately or part of the package and have enough space-
Easy to put in or stack in a refrigerator or freezer.
See our favorite.
The IVALO container is made of mouth blown glass, natural ash and leather mixed to keep the food fresh for a long time.
15-point measurement
5 cm high, with a wooden cover on each cover and a step on it to ensure it is firmly held in place for easy transportation.
The high quality of the material means that you can also look forward to the continued use of this container in the coming years.
If you care about space, the glass stackable jar of Brabantia is your best choice.
This collection comes in a stylish design with nested covers designed to help keep your space clean and tidy.
Great trip.
The silicone seals on these jars are very friendly, which means you don\'t need to worry about spills or leaks.
Different sizes can be purchased separately or three or four sets.
For peace of mind, there\'s another 10-year guarantee. £19.
95 | Amazon | buy it now. We almost forgot the cookie jar, but the head dropped --over-
This updated version of high heels with floral patterns.
Fill it up with big chunks of chocolate cookies, candy of track size, and you\'ll be sure to see this beautiful place coming together.
£ 65 | Amara | buy it now, the Kastehelmi jar at Iittala has small glass beads and plastic covers, surprisingly safe for the dishwasher, but it\'s eye-catching
Exquisite size of 11. 6 cm x 5.
7 cm means you can use them to store a small amount of food such as pudding and candy.
We love every color in this series, including red, light blue and moss green.
If you need something to store dry ingredients, here is a very solid option that will look impressive on any kitchen counter.
This storage tank is made of glass and oak and is widely used in the dishwasher at the same time
Safe and easy to clean.
There are four sizes to choose from 0. 25-2 l.
£ 15 | Scandinavian design center | buy it now to keep the food look and feel fresh with this set of glass containers made of hot crush
Boron-resistant glass.
The four containers in this set of equipment have different sizes and are equipped with matching lock covers with silicone seams to ensure they leakresistant.
It is easy to store when it is empty, and they can be stacked against each other.
Dishwasher, refrigerator, containersafe and BPA-free. £24.
23 | container shop | buy these glass containers immediately with a ventilated card buckle cover to ensure your food is kept fresh in a confined space.
The lid is easy to carry, leak-proof, leak-proof and stackable, and you can prepare meals even if the fridge space is not around you.
These containers are made of tempered glass, which allows them to keep the temperature changing while keeping the microwave, refrigerator and oven safe. £21.
99 | Amazon | Buy It Now rubbermaid offers five glass containers in this suit with the right cover.
The lid is stuck at the bottom of the container for easy storage and simplifies the process of finding the right lid for each pot.
The lid is leaking-
Proof of BPA-composition
Free plastic means they can\'t get into the oven, but the base is OK with the dishwasher and microwave safe. £24.
23 | container shop | immediately purchase containers made of solid boron silicon glass that will extend the shelf life of food and ensure less waste.
Preserve cooked food and raw food, five-
Fixed containers for a variety of volumes ranging from 350 ml to 1050 ml.
The plastic cover is double phenol-
Free when the container is dishwasher, freezer, oven (without lid)
Microwave safe. £22.
99 | Amazon | buy now these containers are stackable when filled and when installed in the nest-
Like an empty shape for easy storage.
The tempered glass bottom is equipped with a compression cover where you can press the center to drain the air and create food
Keep the vacuum.
These containers are microwave ovens, dishwashers, freezers, and oven safes-the latter is a safe, in addition to the lid. From £4.
03 | container shop | buy it now, these glass containers have fun neon pink covers.
The hotel offers two round glass storage plates to help you prepare your meals in advance.
Ideal for batch or post cooking
Exercise meals, their containers are easy to clean and leak
Proof of green and blue is also provided.
In addition, there are additional bonuses guaranteed for 10 years. £23.
98 | Pyrex | buy now. This Tefal glass container has an impressive 30-year warranty proving the quality and durability of the product.
Ideal for packed lunches
Proof, so that it can be carried in your bag, you can also build in the bag fresh seal.
You can use the microwave without a lid, or you can wash it in the dishwasher and stack for easy storage.
Fraser | House of Fraser | buy now at the low end of the price range, this container is perfect for storing leftovers because it is heat resistant so you can heat it at any time.
The container has passed and the refrigerator and dishwasher are safe and do not change color.
2 | Wilko | buy it now with a 5-year guarantee that this durable glass container will allow you to bring food from the fridge to the oven in one fell swoop.
It comes with a sealed and leaking plastic cover
While saving time and money, it also proves that your food is fresher. £9.
Buy Now 99 | Nisbets |. This set of equipment has a small, medium and large container that is heat resistant, stain resistant and scratch resistant.
It is made of durable boron silicon glass with an air-tight lid that can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees. £14.
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