bangladeshi inventor creates electricity-free air conditioner out of plastic bottles

by:HongXing     2020-05-02
Bangladeshi inventor ash Paul figured out how to convert plastic bottles to lowcost, easy-to-
Free air conditioning can help the poorest people in the country endure the hot summer better.
Science behind ecology
The radiator is based on the idea that the bottleneck becomes a funnel, compressing and cooling the air, through its five degrees, eco-friendlyCooler website.
This is the same principle, blowing air through pur mouth-
Although the body is 98 years old, the air is coolerdegree-
Fahrenheit temperature.
The AC unit also adds ways to recycle plastic bottles.
About 5 billion of water bottles are used each year, and only 20% of them are recycled
The rest is piled up.
In the summer, the temperature in Bangladesh is as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit. There, many rural residents live in tin hut without electricity. These eco-
The cooler can act as a window on the wall to capture the passing breeze. Over 25,000 ecology
To date, Grameen Intel employees and gray Dhaka volunteers have installed coolers in Bangladesh.
There is no copyright in DIY air conditioners, instructions for making air conditioners can be found online, encouraging anyone interested to build air conditioners.
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Friendly House by car in Cape Town-Free, Eco-
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