back to school means looking over lunch box options

by:HongXing     2020-06-23
The pre-
The return ceremony on Septemberto-
Although school life has changed a lot over the years, school shopping continues.
One thing that has remained the same in school life is the existence of lunch boxes --or lunch bag—
The children used to send sandwiches, soups and snacks to school every day.
What\'s in front?
Just before the school year comes, children who go to the store with their parents will find a lot of options for lunch.
This is the beginning of hard work.
The picture on the front of the lunch box is very helpful for sales-
Make difficult choices for children.
For example, in the video above, a child in 1985 had to make a decision between brightly colored plastic lunch boxes --priced at $6. 57 each—featuring He-
The master of man and the universe, the fragile rocks, the children of the cabbage patch and the role of the front A team.
\"A good lunch box is essential,\" the reporter de kilfeiler explained to the audience at the time that his proposal was still valid today.
\"Choose carefully.
\"Where is the metal?
At August1995, cbc\'smidday is talking about lunch boxes-
How much they spend, which feature is the best, the most popular that year.
A question answered at noon
Brent bamburyhadis is what happened to all the metal lunch boxes that were popular in his childhood.
The consumer columnist for Theshow, Laurie hogstrathon, believes that they lost their place on the store shelves because they lost their favor with school administrators.
\"The problem is that no one has ever produced metal lunch packs anymore because I think they are officially considered offensive weapons,\" she said . \".
The box or bag, which must be functional hoogstraten also tells the audience that it is necessary to make sure that the selected lunch tote bag is suitable for your child.
She held up a lunch box, with only one drink and a sandwich, according to her estimate.
\"Even Apple has no real space,\" Hoogstraten said . \".
\"I think this is a disadvantage.
\"It\'s a reminder to parents to think about how the lunch box will work --if at all. What to pack—
Not Packing lunch handbags is only half the amount of lunch children eat at school.
The other part is something in a box or bag.
Kids, as we remember from childhood, they end up eating whatever their parents pack for them --
Or what they can use in exchange for something packed for them.
These days, however, children are not welcome to bring anything to eat in their lunch boxes.
Concerns about children with severe allergies leave something out of the menu.
While peanuts are usually a problem for lunch --
For students, they are not the only food the school is worried about.
Ten years ago, no onion.
At a school in MonctonB.
, As shown in the clip above, again due to allergies.
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